Analyzing Data In A Quantitative Study

  Introduction Quantitative assay architecture provides an access to award bookish evidence.  There are a array of abstract considerations, strategies of inquiry, and methods of abstracts accumulating and assay based on the abstraction catechism and the types and numbers of variables.  For example, accepting one or added abased and/or absolute variables is what prescribes the statistical tests bare to acknowledgment the abstraction question(s).  It is important for assistant researchers, leaders, educators, and practitioners to apperceive how to baddest the actual statistical assay for a study. Upon acknowledged achievement of this appointment you should be able to: Select a abstracts assay adjustment / tests adapted for a abeyant assay study. Expound on estimation of abstracts for a quantitative study. Resources Textbook:  Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Adjustment Approaches (2018), Chapters 7, 8      PowerPoint: Chapter 7 Questions and Hypotheses File: Chapter 7 Questions and Hypotheses, Notes PowerPoint: Chapter 8 Quantitative Methods File: Chapter 8 Quantitative Methods, Notes Textbook:  Practical Research: Planning and Architecture (2016), Chapters 4, 8     

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