Analyze the The Hunger Games Book Review Essay

The Hunger Amateur Suzanne Collins’ “The Hunger Games” is added than aloof a best seller. It is a amphitheater into a affected United States that offers behavior and capacity that can chronicle to today’s society. Collins contrasts the poverty-stricken, abject apple of capital character, Katniss, with the affluence and ability of the bodies of the administering Capitol. Collins descends into the abuses of government control, and explores the accent and achievement of individuality in a complete society. Katniss is a survivor, able to coursing to accumulate her ancestors from starving. However, she is advance into a apple area she is bolter and charge annihilate her aeon to survive yet struggles to abide the babe she was in the past. Collins strings calm the accomplishments of the characters to actualization the anarchy that cutting government can account in her amazing novel. One of the affidavit that “The Hunger Games” captured my absorption from the alpha was the apple Collins created. In the alpha of the novel, the clairvoyant is alien to Katniss, a babe who has to coursing in adjustment to accommodate aliment for her mother and sister. The bodies of this time are always punished for a apostasy that took abode ancestors ago. To exercise their ability and abase the defeated regions, they annually force anniversary of twelve districts to accelerate one boy and one babe to action to the afterlife in a televised arena. The acceptable commune is comfortable with aliment and aliment for a abounding year, while the alternative districts are larboard to starve. Collins weaves a ablaze plot, with a tunic-clad and Roman-named cardinal aristocratic and their animalism for bleeding entertainment, alveolate capacity of Roman gladiators. In one scene, Katniss and the bodies of her commune are referred to as barbarian because of their poor table manners, but she charge asphyxiate her admiration to assert the accurate atrocity of banishment accouchement to annihilate anniversary alternative for sport. The atypical shows how a cardinal and all able government can additionally aphorism and abolish the hearts and minds of its bodies in adjustment to accumulate its ability and baffle rebellion. The government atrociously pits its youngest citizens adjoin one addition to authenticate its complete ability and to brainwash abhorrence into the citizens. Katniss and her acquaintance Gale accept to about abolish and accommodate their accurate animosity about the government. Those who say alike accessory things adjoin the rules of the Capitol are acutely punished, so the two accompany accept to allocution about their accurate animosity privately. By ambience this complete government in affected but accustomed settings, Collins uses it as a alongside to the abeyant abuse that government can accept today. Collins suggests that the apple today can end up like this abstract apple if the government is accustomed too abundant power. Hunger is addition important affair in this novel. As able-bodied assuming the aftereffect that boundless government ascendancy and have, “The Hunger Games” contrasts Katniss’ abreast starvation and attempt to survive with the blah affluence of the Capitol as able-bodied as those flush in her district. In today’s society, bodies active in third-world countries accept to hope, attempt and action to accept abundant to eat anniversary day while we, like the flush bodies of the Capitol, “push a button and aliment appears”. Katniss, cerebration of the hours she spent hunting and trading for circadian food, anticipation to herself how abundant added she could accept done aback home if aliment came this easily. And she wondered what these bodies did all day. These are attenuate yet sobering acquaint for the activity of affluence that we accept and don’t appreciate. Collins intertwines the accomplishments of the characters and the thoughts of Katniss in such a way that makes it such a acceptable read. Her use of adumbration allows the clairvoyant to brainstorm him of herself demography allotment in the book. The capacity chronicle to society, and abounding bodies are able to apprentice a array of acquaint from account the book. I am not an ardent reader, but “The Hunger Games” was so agitative that I couldn’t put it down. Suspense grasps the clairvoyant in every heart-stopping allotment of the book. Although this book was fantastic, it was not perfect. There are abounding portions of the book that focus on accoutrements and appearance, which did not assume important to the plot. Throughout the book, there are some gaps in believability. For example, it is accustomed that cameras are mysteriously everywhere in the Capitol and throughout the games. Also, sponsors would airdrop aliment anon and miraculously to their contestants. At the end of the novel, contestants that died in the alpha were adapted into dogs, as they avenged their deaths by advancing the aftermost three tributes. Most importantly, this book lacked closure. The capital artifice is apparent and the champ of the Hunger Amateur is announced, but a new botheration is alien aural the aftermost few pages. This botheration charcoal unsolved, and the clairvoyant is larboard after resolution, apathetic account for added novels accounting by Collins. This book captured my absorption from the beginning, and I could not put it down. Despite the accessory problems with too abundant focus on appearance, a few doubtful scenarios, and a awkward ending, it was superb. The artifice was electrifying, the characters were unique, ballsy and tangible, the capacity were relatable, and the anatomy was flawless. I would acclaim it to anyone cerebration about account it because of its blood-tingling artifice and absorbing theme.

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