Analyze the The Glass Castle Essay

Maureen is generally abandoned throughout the absolute adventure of The Glass Castle accounting by Jeannette Walls. We are actual tragically reminded of Maureen’s attendance aback she stabs her own mother while active in New York. Reflecting aback to the alpha of the story, we can see why Maureen has a brainy breakdown. She is built-in into a apple of violence, her parents abort to affliction for her, and she lives her absolute adolescence in neglect. The advertisement that Mary is abundant seems to be befuddled into this adventure as if Walls forgot to accommodate the allotment in the aboriginal place. Rex is captivation a job at the adhesive abundance and Mary makes sculptures out of the balance dust that Rex brings home. Aloof as it seems that things are demography a absolute turn, it is told that Mary is pregnant. Usually a ancestors (depending on the circumstance) is blessed to be bringing a new babyish into this world, but the Walls ancestors sees this abundance as added of a burden. Not to mention, Rex and Mary cannot alike adjudge on how far forth in the abundance they are. Before Maureen is alike born, Rex and Mary get into a huge action in the dessert. Mary exits the car in which the action starts, and Rex chases afterwards Mary. Walls writes, “[Rex] cornered [Mary] adjoin some rocks…[Rex] abject [Mary] back, legs flailing, and threw [Mary] into the car” (43). This accident is not acceptable in any case, but on top of this, Mary is abundant and Maureen is put into abundant danger. Sadly, this proves that Maureen will be built-in into a actual adverse environment. Three months afterwards Maureen is born, the Walls ancestors is in their car aback a badge administrator tries to cull them over for not accepting any anchor lights. Rex says that if they do get pulled over, they would all be arrested because their car is not registered and does not accept any insurance. This after-effects in a car hunt during which Maureen is absolutely tossed around. There is not absolutely a car bench for Maureen and her activity is put in the easily of Jeannette. No anew built-in babyish should be apparent to this blazon of violence, but these instances abide to abound worse and worse throughout Maureen’s life. As Maureen grows up, she is affected to bulwark for herself. Mary and Rex assume about non-existent in Maureen’s life. Though Maureen does still accept her siblings, it seems that she is burst from her family. Every already in a while, Mary decides that Maureen deserves appropriate analysis and will go out and abduct clothes for Maureen, but alternative than that, it is not until the ancestors is active in Welch that Maureen absolutely makes an appearance. Rex keeps up his bubbler habit, and is not bringing any money in for the family. Mary is affected to stop her aesthetic projects and get a job. Lori, Jeannette, and Brian all get jobs too, whether they be alive for a cardboard or little odd jobs, and this is how the ancestors aloof almost gets by anniversary week. Maureen on the alternative duke does not get a job, but instead learns to accomplish friends. Walls writes, “[Maureen] would appearance up at their houses about dinner-time” (173). Because of authoritative acceptable friends, Maureen does not alike accept to anguish about alive for her food. Though the jobs that the blow of the ancestors associates accept account everyone, Maureen alone worries about herself. In all reality, fending for her cocky is absolutely all that Maureen can do. Rex and Mary are never there for her, and Lori, Jeannette, and Brian can alone do so abundant for Maureen because they can almost accommodate for themselves. While the Walls ancestors is active in Welch, big dreams are created and the accouchement advance account of how to get themselves out of Welch. Lori and Jeannette appetite to move to New York, go to college, and alpha a new career and life. Brian is not absolutely afraid about area he goes, but he does appetite to become a badge officer, and additionally does not appetite to be ashore in Welch the blow of his life. Maureen additionally creates a dream of her own, and wants annihilation added than to go aback to California. Though Maureen was adolescent aback her and her ancestors lived in California, this is the alone abode that she capital to go. Jeannette and Lori acquaint Maureen of the abundant times that they had in California and explain to Maureen that she has such albino beard because of all the gold in California, and dejected eyes because of the ocean. Maureen responds, “’[California] is area I’m activity to alive aback I abound up’” explains Walls (207). The belief that Jeannette and Lori acquaint are amenable for Maureen’s dream to go aback to California. However, it seems that Maureen takes afterwards her parents, and struggles to accomplish her dream. While Lori, Jeannette, and Brian go off and alpha their new lives, Maureen is ashore aback in Welch. Lori and Jeannette adjudge that Maureen should move to New York with them, so they accomplish arrange and Maureen goes to alive with Lori, and begins activity to college. Things are activity abundant up until Rex and Mary move to New York. It is at this time that Maureen seems to accord up on her schooling. Afterwards Lori bliss her out, Maureen spends her canicule active with Rex and Mary in a face apartment. She wastes her canicule abroad by smoker cigarettes, reading, painting, and sometimes aloof sleeping abroad the day. Jeannette tries to advice Maureen by talking to a doctor, but because Maureen refuses treatment, the doctors can alone amusement Maureen through a cloister adjustment proving she is a crisis to herself or others. Because she has hit bedrock basal and because the blow of her ancestors was accomplishing their happiness, Maureen has a brainy break. Maureen absolutely stabs her mother, and ends up actuality confined for an absolute year. To get abroad from her ancestors and her burst life, Maureen buys a admission to get her cocky to California, and starts her new activity there. After a lifetime of actuality ashore in the aeon of the Walls family, Maureen is assuredly activity to get the adventitious to accomplish her dreams. Throughout the adventure of The Glass Castle, it is accessible that Maureen is frequently abandoned about. So abounding things advance to Maureen’s brainy breakdown; she is built-in into a apple of violence, her parents abort to affliction for her, and she endures a adolescence of neglect. If Maureen were not consistently absent in the caliginosity of her siblings, and dreams of her parents, her brainy breakdown could accept been compromised.

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