Analyze the Mongol Empire Essay

Wenda Qian MGMT 470 02/26/2013 Mongolia Mongolia is landlocked country amid China and Russia; it is amid in arctic Asia, and the accepted citizenry is 2. 87 million. Ulan Bator is the capital and the bigger city; there are about 45% of the citizenry lives in there. Mongolia's political system is a parliamentary republic, multi-party arrangement including 16 parties; and it is a affiliate of the United Nation. I adjudge to account a Mongolian, because as a Chinese, I acquire never been accustomed with this neighbor. My interviewee is alleged Anka, she is my acceptable friend, a banking above student, we apperceive anniversary alternative for three years, and I generally comedy basketball with her brother. Anka was beatific to a Chinese academy aback she was 6, she abstruse Chinese for about 12 years, so her Chinese is perfect. In Mongolia, Chinese academy is actual expensive. Her ancestor anticipate acquirements Chinese is advantageous to do businesses; in adjustment to enhance the advice and business amid Mongolia and China, they can arise to China afterwards a visa. The account took abode in the library. Afore the interview, I fabricated some analysis about Mongolia’s history. In 1203 AD, Mongolia was founded by drifting affiliated groupings beneath the administration of Genghis Khan; the acceptation of name is “universal king”. Mongolian was actual acceptable at angry wars; China was briefly disqualified by Mongolia in Yuan dynasty. From 1691 to 1911, Mongolia was controlled by the Manchu, China was also, appropriately Mongolia was a arena of the Qin absolutism at that time. Afterwards the Manchu abatement in 1911, the Russian Government affected the new Chinese Republican Government to acquire Mongolian abandon beneath connected Chinese control. At continued aftermost the Mongolian People's Republic was proclaimed on November 25, 1924. The accord amid Tibet and Mongolia are old and deep, Tibetan Buddhism became a above adoration amid Mongolian people, but adoration was banned in 1930, a lot of monks were arrested. Until 1990, abandon of adoration afresh came aback to Mongolia. Democratic Revolution additionally occurred in aboriginal 1990, it concluded the 70-years ascendancy of socialism. For the culture, I alpha with accent and religion; there are 21 indigenous groups in Mongolia, but they allege the aforementioned language, aloof a little altered pronunciations, but they are all able to accept anniversary other. In China, there is a arena alleged In-Mongolia, but the Mongolian indigenous accumulation of China can’t acquaint with Mongolian, the accent is mostly different. There are 95% of the populations in Mongolia chase Buddhism, best of them are old people, the alternative 5% chase Christianity which is a new adoration arise in Mongolia for contempo 5-6 years, and adolescent bodies are the majority. For alliance customs, currently Mongolian bodies chase the western appearance with bells dress; the acceptable alliance custom is Mongolia cheongsam in blooming and yellow. In Mongolia, the acknowledged alliance age is 18 for both macho and female, best accept to ally at 19 years old. Adolescent bodies acquire alliance abandon now, they can accept their lover, it is not absitively by ancestor as before, and male’s parents are appropriate to go to female’s home to adduce marriage, changeable doesn’t change the ancestors name afterwards marriage. During the wedding, both man and woman acquire to authority a dejected cottony with sliver cup ample with wine on the appropriate hand, every acquaintance and about sip the wine from the sliver cup. Many Mongolian families acquire 2-3 kids, and the women go to work, actual few break at home to be a housewife. The absolutely aforementioned as China, Mongolia additionally has a bounce festival; it is the one of two big acceptable holidays in Mongolia, bodies abrasion white cheongsam in bounce festival, and the blush agency “lucky”. The aftermost day afore the bounce festival, bodies acquire to eat foods from the morning to the night, they can’t be athirst at that day, and the foods accommodate dumpling, horse meat and milk tea. From the Lunar New Year's day to the third day, Mongolian put a actual big meat on the table, ancestors and company can eat it. The alternative acceptable anniversary is naadam (July 11-13), bodies watch wrestling, horse antagonism and archery contests on TV, and eat meat pie. Mongolian bodies like to eat meat abundant added than vegetable. For economic, Mongolia's capital exports accomplice is China, the trades accommodate mineral products, accustomed or able stones, jewelry, textiles, beastly agent products, hides and skins. Mongolia's capital acceptation ally are Russia and China, the trades accommodate mineral products, machinery, equipment, electric appliances, recorders, TV sets and additional parts, vehicles, aliment articles and abject metals. The Mongolian government put added and added attentions on education; the educational arrangement is 4 years for primary school, 5 years for average academy and 3 years for aerial school. Because Mongolia uses compulsatory educational system, aback the accouchement accommodated the academy age, the government will force their parents to accelerate the accouchement to school. Afterwards admission from aerial school, acceptance acquire to booty a academy access examination, it would adjudicator their adeptness to go to college, it is the aforementioned educational arrangement in China. The Mongolian government focus on infrastructure, but the alley action is not good. However, forth with bread-and-butter growth, the alternative basement such as railways and airports advance fast, in general, they are accepting better. The business opportunities are immense in Mongolia, this country develops quickly, and they acquire adolescent and abstruse people, but they additionally face abounding challenges. Mongolia is a landlocked country; the busline is expensive, and the ambiance affair such as air pollution. With globalization of apple economy, Asia plays a bigger role than before; Mongolia is a allotment of it. However, this country is still actual young, alike admitting it has a actual continued history. They charge to apperceive how to allure added adopted investments and tourists. Based on these points, Mongolia will access added success. Account 1. What is the best altered you anticipate amid Mongolia and America? Food, craven and pork are actual big-ticket in Mongolia, but they are abundant cheaper in America. And it is absolutely adamantine to acquisition Mongolian foods in America. (Chicken and pork are not big-ticket in China, I anticipate the bigger aberration is adeptness and value, aliment is additionally an important factor) 2. So, what is your admired Mongolian food? Horse meat, biscuit meat and dumpling. I didn’t apperceive horse and biscuit can be kinds of aliment before, I was abashed aback she told me that, but I will like to try them if it is possible) 3. What is the best accepted action in Mongolia? Nowadays, I anticipate basketball and soccer are actual accepted now. (I agree, basketball is additionally accepted in China) 4. Is cyberbanking articles accepted in Mongolia? Yes, abnormally iPod products, abounding bodies buy them, HP computer is additionally popular. Compare Japanese cyberbanking product, Mongolian bodies prefers American cyberbanking products. (In China, Japanese, Korean and American articles are all popular, I don’t anticipate these articles acquire too abounding ifference) 5. What are the roles of the women in Mongolia aback it comes to business? Women go to assignment now, and they accretion added abandon and rights than before. (It is the aforementioned in China) 6. Does Mongolian yurt still abide now? Yes, shepherds still alive in the Mongolian yurt. Bodies like to alive in the accommodation now, and the walls are thick, appropriately the blatant won’t affect the neighbor. (Yurt was the old abode for Mongolian bodies in the past, now they acquire bigger choices) 7. Is academy access assay difficult in Mongolia? Yes, the algebraic is actual hard, but there still are 35%-40% of acceptance can go to college. Algebraic is my nightmare; there is additionally academy access assay in China, alone few can go to college, now there are added and more) 8. Do you anticipate accomplishing business amid Russia and Mongolia is agnate with accomplishing business amid China and Mongolia? In the past, we did a lot of businesses with Russia; we barter clothes, foods and beastly fur, because the wolves are few in Russia, so the furs are actual expensive. Currently, it is banned to advertise furs, but still happens in the atramentous market. Nowadays, we acquire abounding deals with China; it is agnate with accomplishing business with Russia. Forth with globalization, added and added communications will appear) 9. Is car accepting accepted in Mongolia? Japanese and Korean cars are accepted in Mongolia, because they are comfortable, the seats are soft. Car cartage becomes a new botheration recently, too abounding families acquire cars, and the anchorage are not advanced enough, so the government makes a new action to ascendancy the situation. The aftermost one or two cardinal of authorization plates adjudge aback the car can or cannot access to the city, for example, the aftermost cardinal of the authorization plates on my father‘s car was 3, so my ancestor cannot drive on Tuesday and Saturday. I anticipate China has this problem, too. The Mongolian government shows us a abundant way to Restrict on vehicle) 10. How do you apprentice both Chinese and English at the aforementioned time? I abstruse Chinese back primary school, meanwhile I apprentice English from a Chinese English teacher. However, the bearing afore me abstruse Russian, because Russian was important at that time. My grandpa can accept the actual from the Russia channel. (I abstruse English back average school; I anticipate kids are acceptable at acquirements a new language) 11. If you can go to addition country you like, which one would you like to go to? I will go to Japan, because the technology is developed in there. (I agree, Japan is a acceptable abode for travel, and foods are actual delicious) 12. What are some problems that your association suffers from? The Mongolian government, it is chaos. For example, they abduct tax assets from the citizen, and they never accept the behavior. (I anticipate this is additionally happened in my country, maybe China is alike worse, government consistently spends money on abortive projects, and bodies do not apperceive how and area they absorb the money) 13. What do you anticipate about your chase .. What are you appreciative of .. not appreciative of ..? I am appreciative to be a brood of Genghis Khan. What I am not appreciative to be is that the low citizenry and the development of Mongolia is slower than the alternative Asian countries. (For me, I am appreciative to be a Chinese, alike my country has so abounding problems, but I accept Mongolia and China will become bigger and better) Reference 1. Mongolia Exports. (n. d. ). 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