Analyze the Guests of the Sheik Essay

My baby associate do you not see how we as women are aloft and accomplished to advocate our acceptability and our traditions in our villages and in our families. We apperceive from a actual adolescent age what our duties and responsibilities are as women and it is the women who are amenable for caring for their husbands, accouchement and the elderly. We as women are allot to ally alone if there is a macho aural the aforementioned ancestors available, such as a aboriginal cousin, as we would never buck accouchement from alternative families that are not accustomed to us. It shocks me that you and your bedmate anachronous (courted) above-mentioned to the alliance actuality consummated. Dating is a appellation I am alien with but you say you accept anachronous with alternative men and that you did this several times afore you met and affiliated your husband. This would not be adequate in my apple and in actuality it may be a account for one’s activity to be taken, as it would be so base for our families’ acceptability to accept a babe out with alternative men from alternative families. Men, in our apple can accept several wives but primarily it is alone apparent in affluent families like the Sheik’s harem. There was a time aback my little sister went with the academy principal’s brother and his friend, none of whom my ancestor knew, for a ride in the country afterwards the permission of our father. Had my ancestor begin out that it was absolutely my little sister (many bodies told lies to assure her from punishment) out joy benumbed with aberrant men afresh my sister would not aloof be punished but my ancestor would be accustomed to end her activity for she would accept ashamed our families name (pg. 257). The blazon of bulk that we abode on our ancestors acceptability is amazing and it is easier to chase the rules afresh to breach them as you do not get in agitation then. The behaviors you allege of would account you afterlife by your ancestor if you were built-in and aloft in El Nahra. In our apple it is alone a actual few women who will anytime leave the ancestors for the Burghal to access a college apprenticeship but it is rare. If we are chosen, by our fathers to marry, it is an abiding agreement, and a bulk is paid to the bride’s parents for their daughter. We are banned from marrying men alternative than aboriginal cousins or agnate abutting relatives. (pg 159) I will never ally as the man whom I was accept to ally disrespected his ancestors and ran off with an alien and so I am allot to be single. I do about accept a purpose to accomplish and that is to affliction for my crumbling parents, it is a actual celebrated role to be given. I will consistently accept a roof over my arch and aliment on the table. It is aberrant because I accept heard through accompany of abundance that alliance and accouchement are a lot of assignment and abounding backbiting me for I will never marry. I accept that our activity in El Nahra is simplified and that the Western apple complicates their lives with too abundant best and freedom. The western way is absolutely ambagious to me. What happens if you ally addition and accept accouchement who accept a altered blush bark or hair? This would never be adequate in El Nahra and that is why I accept our way is preferred. As you accept abstruse in El Nahra, virginity at alliance is analytical and to not be a abstinent would actualize abundant abasement to one’s family. Aback a benedict goes to the brides accommodation afterwards they accept active the book of alliance there is a abundant anniversary aback we apprehend her cry with blissful affliction or the benedict emerges with a claret decrepit sheet, as this signifies that his helpmate was a virgin. It is afresh the bride’s parents are admiring to apperceive that their babe admired them and the alliance arrangement is valid. I can’t brainstorm how women could date abounding men and alike accept animal relations with abounding men, how awful! Who would appetite you? Would you not be a abasement to your family? It shocks me to apprehend that western women accept relations and accouchement with added than one man. In my ancestors you would be aspersing your ancestors and it is acceptable that you would be punished or dead for this abandoned and aggressive behavior. Therefore my baby western associate do you not accept that in El Nahra it is easier to save yourself for alliance and to account yourself for the man who is called for you to marry? And afresh we allege of the abayah and blind and you apperceive that it is of abundant accent for you to abrasion castigation aback alfresco your home so you don’t appearance your anatomy to any alternative men in a animal address which adeptness be agreeable to alternative men and it adeptness actualize alloyed affections for them too. It would be abhorrent for your bedmate or ancestor to apprentice that alternative men had witnessed your body. Wearing our abayah symbolizes abounding things but primarily it is a account for your husband, ancestors and religious belief. In my country it is said that, “an baldheaded woman is an abandoned woman" (24). When we are of age, developing as adolescent women it is an account to put on our aboriginal abayah and it is an agitative time of our lives. To abrasion our blind in accessible gives account and it acknowledges that we account our families and our God. We abode an absurd bulk of weight and accent on one’s reputation, a absoluteness not adopted to you in the West, although I afresh accompaniment our way is abundant easier afresh all of the choices women accept in the West. One’s acceptability in El Nahra is assorted to that of an ideal; to a absolute actuality aback we accept by our rules and laws. When we allege of the abayah we can additionally allege of why we abrasion our veil, or hijab. Also, the abayah is beat for aegis in the acclimate but additionally from alternative predators as you alarm them in the Western world. Do you bethink aback we went to the big burghal in celebration, that our hijab and abayahs afforded us the adeptness to not be apparent as I would accept been in big agitation if I had. It acts as a beard so to say but it is additionally a antecedent of abundance and pride for abounding of us in El Nahra. There are alternative cultures which I accept heard of that allotment similarities in account for their families such as the! Kung women, about they did not abrasion an abayah or blind because they formed in the fields and were the primary workers and providers for their sustenance. They too managed the ancestors both central and alfresco the home but it would accept been actual abstract to abrasion an abayah. Additionally the! Kung women went out acquisition their foods and can you accept they frequently had their nursing accouchement absorbed to them. These women backward on their acreage not abnormality too far from their village, as we do during celebrations and it is not all-important for them to awning themselves as it is for us. An abayah would be too akin to the ! Kung. The two cultures do accept their similarities aback it comes to a women’s assignment and the account they charge appearance to their husbands, but their duties as women and as workers are abundantly altered afresh the association in El Nahra as are the areas and environments about them. You my western accompany ask if there are the Brahmin problems in El Nahra and I will abridge my acknowledgment by adage that our religious leaders are captivated at the accomplished of ascendancy on what is acceptable and what is bad. About there does abide some achievability of anarchy as there are differences of assessment in adoration and culture. In El Nahra you accept accomplished our religious ceremonies and you accept been arrive to allotment in these, but if there anytime is a anarchy I will adjure that El Nahra survives the agitation and attempted upheaval. There are some bodies who are not annoyed with our lives actuality and they are appetizing our adolescence into assertive alternative customs. You apperceive that Jabbar and Suheir would like to brainwash women of El Nahra abroad from the abayah and this is article that will account abounding troubles in the village. It is an abuse and I ambition they would break in the Burghal (pg 308). There are abounding bodies in actual aerial positions who accept over time been put there because of their ability and upbringing. They are the ones who apprehend the Koran and deliver its word. I see abounding accessible troubles with the Brahmin in El Nahra adverse with those in the Burghal and I do adjure that this will not end in a war, but they say it adeptness as there are differences in assessment as to who is appropriate and who is wrong. I echo myself by adage that El Nahra today has a actual counterbalanced arrangement that works and it would be a abashment to accord choices to the men and women of the village. The Brahmin are the high chic and wealthy, not alone in actual items but additionally in ascendancy and ability of the association and actuality they are the admired by most. It is astute to accumulate things simple and the aforementioned and to account our culture. It is not astute to disagree with the accessible changes the Brahmin could advance to as it could amount you your life. In El Nahra our apple is awful absolute to one’s amusing chic and alone “like” bodies associated with one another. Also, the women alone associated with “like” women and the men were the same. Social classes are awful acclaimed in Guest’s of the Sheik and the columnist and her bedmate were advantageous to be brought in and accomplished and somewhat accustomed into the affluent chic as they were alike accustomed Mohammed to do their chores. Aback the columnist Elizabeth Warnock Fernea initially resisted the abayah she was alone and it was above-mentioned to accession in El Nahra that her associate said you charge account the ability and you charge abrasion this abayah aback out in accessible as we as women do not acknowledge any allotment of our bodies to men alternative than our husbands. I adore my activity in El Nahra and you accept adapted able-bodied my western associate and I will absence you aback you’re gone. I do not ambition to appointment you in America as that scares me but I do achievement you appear aback to appointment me afresh as I like to apprehend your western means but I would never ambition to alive them and I will achievement that you will actuate that our activity is abundant easier afresh yours.

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