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Jameisha Tucker Divine Purpose Ball Aggregation 08. 01. 11. Co-Captain Admissions Essay The appellation captain is alike with the appellation leader. By definition, a baton is addition who is in an avant-garde position to booty the action in adjustment to go alternating and appearance the way. A ball captain should be able to achieve able and artistic decisions bound and efficiently. Being a ball aggregation captain for the Mighty Boot Lions has so abundant added to do with choreography and precision. Because we are a allotment of a Christian boot band, our purpose and our assignment to achieve that purpose is ten times greater than that of a acceptable boot band. Without God, we would not accept this admirable befalling and because of that we accept to do things abnormally than the apple would. We as bandage associates are all alive appear a ambition which is ministering and assuming the apple the ability of adolescence through the will of God. A captain charge be able to finer acquaint and anatomy a absolute accordance with the team. A acceptable accordance amid captain and aggregation is capital to the success of the team. Without it, anybody may not be on one accordance and to achieve our goals we all accept to attending and anticipate like one. Every aggregation has there issues and there is consistently activity to be a time back addition is agitated with addition else. Although our accomplishments and words may not consistently activity to be what we intend them to be, there are consistently reasonable solutions that can be taken in adjustment to abstain altercations. We are of God and accordingly we charge to try our best to consistently appearance the adulation of God. I accept that I do posses abounding qualities of a leader. I am consistently blame and appetite to be greater. There may be times area I do get a ball move appropriate abroad but I go home and convenance until I feel I accept baffled that move. I adore the fettle that we do afore convenance because I appetite a stronger anatomy so that I can be a bigger dancer. I accept a actual absolute personality and it is alone because I appetite to be the best Christian, dancer, and all-embracing being that I can be. One of our ball tattoos is “NO COMPROMISE”. I do not anytime appetite to accommodation myself or my behavior to fit it. A baton never “fits in”. I consistently try my best to chase instructions because I apperceive that this ball aggregation is not alone for me, it is for the world. We accept to appearance the apple the light. In this bandage you accept to become affectionate and apperceive that back you are assuming it is so that we can ability the apple and save lives. Although I am additionally a ballerina on my school’s ball aggregation I would still be actual committed to Divine Purpose. My contributions to this ball aggregation would be enthusiasm, adamantine assignment ethic, and dedication. I am actual aflame to be afar of this ball team. I accept been afar from the actual beginning. I bethink our aboriginal achievement at the WE Fest on that actual baby stage. We didn’t alike accept aggregation T-shirts but we approved to ball our hearts out. Moments like those are ones I never appetite to forget. I cannot delay for the admission dancers to activate so that our aggregation can abound and flourish. Pastor Powe is consistently admonition on bequest and I appetite to be able to leave one for approaching dancers.

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