Analyze the Critical Lens Essay Essay

“All abstract shows us the ability of emotion. It is emotion, not reason, that motivates characters in literature,” as said by Duff Brenna. This adduce agency that characters act on their affections rather than on logic. They do not anticipate afore they act, they aloof acknowledge to the situation. This adduce is accurate based on abounding pieces of literature. Two pieces in accurate that prove this are the comedy Othello by William Shakespeare and the comedy Medea by Euripides. In the Shakespeare comedy Othello, the advocate is bamboozled by his best friend, the adversary Iago, into cerebration that his wife, Desdemona, is cheating on him. Iago tricks Othello into cerebration she is unfaithful. Othello afresh decides that the abandoned way he can accord with her unfaithfulness is by killing her. Rather than analytic whether or not Desdemona did bluff on him, Othello acts on his emotion. He does not anticipate his plan through; anniversary battle that he deals with is handled through his addled affect rather than his argumentation and reasoning. In the adverse end, Othello realizes that aggregate was a lie and he was tricked by Iago. In his aftermost activity based on his emotions, he dead himself. The play, Medea by Euripides deals with the aforementioned blazon of protagonist. Medea, the abundant sorceress was betrayed by her husband, Jason. He promised her a blessed activity in his home country, but after leaves her for a new woman. He tells her that he is marrying the angel to defended his ancestors line, but it is a lie. Medea is so aching by his betrayal that not abandoned does she annihilate his helpmate to be, but she additionally murders her children. Both decisions were fabricated out of emotion; she was anxious of the angel and she didn’t appetite her sons to accord with her shame. She did not anticipate acutely about either murder, she acted based on her affections at the time. Tragically, again, bodies died because the advocate did not anticipate their affairs through. Both plays accord with characters acting through their emotions. If Medea or Othello had taken the time to anticipate about their actions, afresh anniversary comedy would not accept concluded so tragically. Othello kills himself because of what he had done and Medea flees the country, alone, because she fears her activity is in danger. This illustrates that characters who act through their affections are after punished in one way or another. “All abstract shows us the ability of emotion. It is emotion, not reason, that motivates characters in literature. ” Duff Brenna is advertence that all characters tend to act after thinking. By accomplishing so, generally times they affliction what they accept done and makes them act out again. In the case of Medea and Othello, both characters committed annihilation based on an affect and after on regretted it.

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