Analyze the Business Ethics Essay

Running Head: Franciscan Belief Franciscan Belief Cardinal Stritch University Belief and Amusing Albatross for Business Leaders CMB 620 January 8, 2012 This cardboard will analyze the Franciscan Belief with Kohlberg’s Levels. Cardinal Stritch University is a Catholic Institution of college education. Cardinal Stritch was begin and is sponsored by aggregation if the Sister of St. Francis of Assisi. The Franciscan Belief are Creating a Caring Community, Showing Compassion, Reverencing All of Creation, and Authoritative Peace. The Kohlberg`s Three Levels and Six Stages of Moral Acumen Lawrence Kohlberg, a assistant of attitude in the University of Chicago, he created his own approach of moral development. The approach is based on children‘s reasoning, back adverse moral dilemmas, however, Kohlberg went far above that and created a accepted approach for all ages. Under his approach moral cerebration passes through six abstracted stages, which are burst into three levels. This cardboard aims to analyze the Franciscan Belief The Catholic Church and will attending to these behavior to actuate what God is like, how men and women should appearance and collaborate with God, and what determines adherence (http://www. ubscure. com). Back some follows the Franciscan Values, at what date would he or she be in Kohlberg’s levels of moral development. Level 3: Post conventional, Autonomous, or Principles Level (Universal Humankind Orientation). Kohlberg’s levels states that any individuals in this date accept that codes of conduct are about to their amusing group. This varies from ability to ability and subgroup to subgroup. With that in mind, the alone enters into a arrangement with adolescent animal beings to amusement them adequately and attentive and to account ascendancy back it is appropriately moral and adapted (Weiss, J. W. folio 21) The Franciscan Belief and Kohlberg’s levels of moral development advice professionals and business accommodation makers anticipate and boldness ethical problems by about acting on their beliefs, values, and financially motivated stragies. Business belief deals with what is “right and “wrong in any alignment decisions, behavior, and policies. Problem analytic and controlling are important abilities for business and life. Problem-solving generally involves decision-making, and controlling is abnormally important for professionals and business accommodation making. In business, ethical dilemmas generally appear back managers face adverse values. For example, a agent ability face the bind of cogent the accuracy about a artefact and appropriately accident a auction and his or her agency above albatross for all managers is to advance a connected anchor for absolute or abeyant problems. Managers can do this by befitting channels of advice open, ecology employees’ accepted performance, and analytical deviations from present affairs as able-bodied as from accomplished experience. Serious mistakes can be fabricated if managers act afore they accurately analyze all the sources of a problem. To analyze a botheration accurately, it charge be accepted from all credibility of view. References Susan O'Brien, What-is-the-Franciscan-way. Retrieved from http://www. ubscure. com/Art/142929/111/What-Is-The-Franciscan-Way. html. Weiss, J. W. (2009). Business Ethics: A Stakeholder ; Issues Management Approach (5th ed. ). Mason, OH: South-Western/Centrage

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