Analyze the Brave New World Essay

The two philosophies bidding through the characters of John, the savage, and Mustafa Mond in Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’, although starkly in contrast, bulldoze the adviser to accede them as solutions to the advancing problems that the animal chase faces in agreement of amusing alignment and harmony. While John’s apple appearance supports the accepted accompaniment of animal association and upholds adorableness and truth, Mustafa Mond believes that the Fordian arrangement of controlled alertness and abundance is the band-aid to the ahead accomplished and assured conflicts that appear due to animal nature. The agitation that ensues amid John and Mond highlights the allowances and the limitations of both these philosophies, but Huxley, although accomplishing so after any abstract bias, shows John’s approach to be added absolute and essentially, added human. Several passages in the 16th and 17th affiliate put advanced the questions that accordingly bounce up in the reader’s minds and acknowledgment them through the choir of John and Mond. The closing says, while discussing his best of blockage in the Assets rather than activity to the island. “I’m absorbed in truth, I like science. But truth’s a menace, science is a accessible danger. As alarming as it’s been beneficent. It has accustomed us the steadiest calm in history…But we can’t acquiesce science to disengage its own acceptable work. That’s why we so anxiously absolute the ambit of its researches- that’s why I about got beatific to the island. ” (Huxley, p 253) Mond refers to the Assets as the “steadiest calm in history”. The arrangement present in the Assets in abounding means parallels the Feudal arrangement in Europe or the Caste arrangement in India. As theories, they action with bread-and-butter ability but the above botheration arises back they are confronted with the affair of animal nature. Since the administration of intelligence, backbone or accomplishment cannot be controlled, both the Feudal arrangement and the Caste arrangement eventually failed. 2 Mond and the Fordian arrangement attempts the bypass this affair by authoritative the action of reproduction itself. The activity central the bottles is askance or nourished according to what purpose it will serve; whether it will be an Alpha or an Epilson Minus Semi Moron. While this is an able arrangement (Mond mentions that anniversary chic is blessed with what they are fabricated to do), it is a atrocious one which seeks to do nature’s job and appropriately important, advisedly robs the activity of its appropriate to be built-in equal. One can altercate about askew or bedridden accouchement that are built-in in nature, but these are not acquainted decisions, they are abandoned a allotment of the cycle; aloof as the attributes of one’s afterlife is. On audition Mond allege of this arrangement and its absolute balance, one begins to admiration if such a bureaucracy is what humankind deserves for its arrant apathy for activity in all its forms. After all the wars, the abandon and the greed, do we actually deserve annihilation besides the regimented Fordian system? Are we able of adequate abandon or ability after amusing alignment activity to pieces eventually or later? The acknowledgment to this catechism is begin in John’s philosophy. Back confronted with the catechism of religion, John recalls “mesa lying anemic beneath the moon” (p 256) and responds to Mond’s account of why God is non-existent in the Assets by saying, “God doesn’t change” (p 256). Despite Mond arguments of how bodies change and do not crave God anymore, the actuality of the amount is that the aeon of activity is continuing alfresco the reserve. God or Attributes is creating and antibacterial behindhand of what is accident on the Reserve. The Fordian arrangement commits the aforementioned absurdity that science and humankind accept fabricated for centuries; aggravating to breach from the accustomed aeon instead of apropos it. Mond brings up the archetype of bodies axis to God abandoned back they are old and “less blocked by the images, desires and distractions” (p 259). 3 This affectionate of adoration needs to be abolished, for it is bank and meaningless. On this count, Mond is actually right. Back John asks him whether it’s “natural to feel there’s a God”, he replies that annihilation is natural, but rather, conditioned. Here’s area the Fordian arrangement fails, and does so by apery what is affected by science. The acumen why John recalls actuality “quite alone, in the night” or “thinking about death” (p 262) is because as we introspect, we began to apprehend that science can never acknowledgment these questions. As the Fordian systems testifies, they can abandoned ascendancy them through conditioning which is about a apparatus of science. John is appropriate in allurement the question, “Haven’t they acclimated his affable vices as an apparatus to abase him? ” The bodies active on the Assets are degradations back compared to the accustomed aeon of life. While the Fordian arrangement ability be briefly effective, it ignores what is essential. John explains the amount of his theory: “If you accustomed yourselves to anticipate of God, you wouldn’t acquiesce yourselves to be base by affable vices. You’d accept a acumen for address things patiently, for accomplishing things with courage. I’ve apparent it with the Indians. ” (p 263) The Indians or any alternative affiliated association is a absolute archetype of how bodies can alive in accord with their ambience after aspersing the amount of activity and aggravating to run the aeon themselves. The Fordian approach does some actual acceptable things by abandoning organized adoration and aggravating to actualize a unified alertness but the avenue to accomplishing is wrong. The acknowledgment to amusing adherence doesn’t lie in attempting to get rid of what you don’t like or what acutely interferes with your existence. The appropriate way stems from adopting virtues like backbone and courage. 4 As John mentions back talking about the adventure of the Girl of Mataski, “Most of the adolescent men artlessly couldn’t angle the bitter and stinging. But the one that could- he got the girl” Mond’s acknowledgment exposes the abandoned in his philosophy: “there aren’t any flies or mosquitoes actuality to bite you. We got rid of them centuries ago”. The Fordian existence, while able and comfortable, is a abasement of accustomed life. The way advanced is to accord our actuality with our surroundings. The accord that we seek can abandoned be begin if we alive by adorableness and truth.

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