analyze and create a comprehensive plan of care for acute/chronic care, disease prevention, and health promotion for that patient and disorder

analyze and actualize a absolute plan of affliction for acute/chronic care, ache prevention, and bloom advance for that accommodating and disorder. Your affliction plan should be based on accepted best practices and accurate with citations from accepted literature, such as analytical reviews, appear convenance guidelines, standards of affliction from specialty organizations, and alternative analysis based resources. In addition, you will accommodate a abundant accurate account that justifies the admittance of this affirmation in your plan. Your cardboard should attach to APA architecture for appellation page, headings, citations, and references. The cardboard should be no added than 3 pages typed excluding appellation folio and references.


  • SOAP note
  • Evaluation of antecedence diagnosis
  • Facilitators and barriers to ataxia management

Genitourinary Clinical Case

Patient Setting:

28-year-old changeable presents to the dispensary with a 2 day history of frequency, afire and affliction aloft urination; added lower belly affliction and vaginal acquittal over the accomplished week.


Complains of urinary affection agnate to those of antecedent urinary amplitude infections (UTIs) which started about 2 canicule ago; additionally experiencing astringent lower belly affliction and acclaimed amber fouls smelling acquittal afterwards accepting caught action with her above boyfriend.


Recurrent UTIs (3 this year); gonorrhea X2, chlamydia X 1; Gravida IV Para III

Past Surgical History

Tubal articulation 2 years ago.

Family/Social History

Family: Single; history of assorted macho animal partners; currently lives with new admirer and 3 children.
Social: Denies smoking, booze and biologic use.

Medication History

Trimethoprim (TOM)/ Sulfamethoxazole (SMX) rash

Last pap 6 months ago, Denies breast discharge. Positive for Urine attractive dark.

Physical exam

BP 100/80, HR 80,
RR 16,
T 99.7 F, Wt 120,

Ht 5’ 0”

Gen: Changeable in abstinent distress.
Cardio: Regular amount and accent accustomed S1 and S2.
Chest: WNL.
Abd: soft, tender, added suprapubic tenderness.
GU: Cervical motion tenderness, adnexal tenderness, abhorrent smelling vaginal drainage. Rectal: WNL.


Laboratory and Diagnostic Testing

Lkc differential: Neutraphils 68%, Bands 7%, Lymphs 13%, Monos 8%, EOS 2%
UA: Starw colored. Sp gr 1.015, Ph 8.0, Protein neg, Glucose neg, Ketones neg, Bacteria – many, Lkcs 10- 15, RBC 0-1
Urine gram stain – Gram abrogating rods
Vaginal acquittal culture: Gram abrogating diplococci, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, sensitivities awaiting Positive monoclonal AB for Chlamydia, KOH preparation, Wet alertness and VDRL negative 

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