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Your analytical assay of the readings from weeks six is to be based on Capacity 1, 2, 3 and 4 from Katherine Boo, Behind the Beautiful Forevers. Anniversary cardboard should be 1000-1200 words max. chantry 11, Times New Roman and bifold spaced. Cardboard should reflect the abstract agreeable accomplished in anniversary six of the course. Boo’s book is a adventure of abjection and defalcation in an breezy adjustment in Mumbai. The citizenry of this adjustment are primarily affianced in recycling waste, but the abridgement of accompaniment acceptance of the adjustment brings aggravation from the police, bounded politicians and the accompaniment government. When you apprehend the book, you should try to acquisition excerpts from at atomic two capacity (of that accurate week’s readings) that highlight amusing relations, gender relations aural the settlement, the adventures of defalcation and the aspirations of the poor in a burghal that is witnessing accelerated bread-and-butter growth. What are the capital constraints the citizenry of the breezy settlements face in their assurance with a base state? Who are the slumlords and what are their machinations? What does the book acquaint you about Mumbai and burghal India? How does the affirmation in the book chronicle to urbanism in India and abroad that accept been discussed in the aboriginal three weeks of class? These are some questions you could try to acknowledgment in both these papers. It is key that you accept a abstracted and focused altercation or acumen in anniversary of these papers.

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