Analysis of Jon Edwards : Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

The Abundant Awakening was a religious movement that advance throughout New England during the mid-eighteenth century, from about 1730 to 1745. The Abundant Awakening approved to accomplish Christianity a acutely claimed acquaintance and pulled abroad from acceptable ceremony, auspicious claimed charge and affecting captivation in faith. Jonathan Edwards was a Puritan and theologian; one of the best acclaimed preachers of the Abundant Awakening. Edwards’ best acclaimed address was “Sinners in the Hands of an Affronted God”, admitting the actuality that he had delivered the address to his own congregation, with little effect, he acquainted led to use it afresh aback arrive to deliver at the adjoining boondocks of Enfield, Massachusetts on July 8, 1741. During Edwards’ address he acclimated active adumbration of hell, the acrimony of God, and the achievement of conservancy to acknowledge his angle on the absoluteness that accessible those that did not chase Christ. During his address Jonathan Edwards acclimated active adumbration and descriptions to accomplish his aggregation see that hell was a absolute place. To accomplish the aggregation see aloof how abutting to hell they absolutely were Edwards stated, “That apple of misery, that basin of afire brimstone is continued aboard below you (Cox). ” He additionally capital them to apprehend that the best they went after Christ, the added they would become. “Your abhorrence makes you as it were abundant as lead, and to tend bottomward with abundant weight and burden against hell (Westerfield). ” The arena below them would accord way below the weight of their abhorrence and they would attempt into hell area the Devil would be accessible for them. The Devil is cat-and-mouse for them, hell is gaping, for them, the bonfire accumulate and beam about them and would fain lay authority on them, and absorb them up (Smolinski 11). ” If the descriptions of hell and the Devil weren’t enough, Edwards additionally acclimated the ability and acrimony of a antagonistic God to bang abhorrence into the hearts of the agnostic in the army at Enfield. The arduous consequence of God’s ability is apparent in the band “There is annihilation that keeps abandoned men, at any one moment, out of hell, but the bald amusement of God (Gallagher). Edwards absolute abhorrence into the aggregation by aggressive the avengement of God, “He will drove you below his anxiety after mercy, he’ll drove out your blood, and accomplish it fly, and it shall be brindled on his apparel (Trapp). ” As added and added bodies chose not to chase Christ, God becomes affronted and his acrimony continues to grow. The acrimony of God is like abundant amnion that are dammed for the present; they access added and more, and acceleration college and higher, till an aperture is given; and the best the beck is stopped, the added accelerated and boss is its advance already it is let apart (Baym et al. 99). Edwards approved to appearance the aggregation their atrocious charge for God’s grace, impressing the army with what he perceived as the ability of truth. Before catastrophe his sermon, Edwards appeals to the agnostic in the aggregation with the achievement of conservancy from a absolute God. Edwards continues, “And now you accept an amazing befalling (Rogers 11). ””You are in a day area Christ has befuddled the aperture of benevolence advanced open, and stands calling and arrant with a loud articulation to poor sinners (Rogers 11). “Let anybody of you who is still after Christ, and blind over the pit of hell, whether they be old men and women, or average aged, or adolescent people, or little children, now accept to the loud calls of God’s chat and attention (Copeland et al. 228). ” Edwards’ final band was a alarm for the aggregation to attending aback on the base of damnation through which they had traveled-leaving the basin of hell and abiding to the abundance heights of the Devine perspective, the heights from which the achievement of conservancy could be appropriately accepted and accepted (Stuart 58). Stephen Williams, an beholder in Enfield, wrote in his account “before the address was done there was a abundant complaining and arrant went through ye accomplished house, ‘What shall I do to be saved,’ ’Oh, I am activity to Hell,’ ’Oh, what shall I do for Christ,’ and so forth. So yet ye abbot was answerable to desist, ye shrieks and cries were acute and amazing (Farley). ” Though his address acquired abounding to abhorrence him, Jonathan Edwards’ ultimate ambition was to catechumen the sinners and nonbelievers in the aggregation and advance them into salvation. Edwards hoped the adumbration and bulletin of his address would activate his audience. His basal point was that God had accustomed altruism a adventitious to adjust their sins. Edwards concluded his address with one final appeal, "Therefore let anybody that is out of Christ, now alive and fly from the acrimony to come. " To avant-garde readers “Sinners in the Hands of an Affronted God” may arise to be the assignment of a sadistic, believing abolitionist or a fear-monger, but the address is absolutely a absorption of the atrocious and abstemious time in which Edwards lived and preached. Works Cited Baym et at. The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Volume 1, Beginnings to 1865. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. 2008. Copeland, Lewis, Lawrence Lamm, and Stephen McKenna. The World’s Greatest Speeches. Fourth Enlarged Edition. New York: Dover Publications, Inc. 1999. Cox, Brandon. “Sinners in the Hands of an Affronted God. ” 2009. Retrieved from www. brandonacox. com, February 01, 2013. Farley, William P. “Jonathan Edwards and the Abundant Awakening. ” Enrichment Journal. Springfield: The General Council of the Assemblies of God. 013. Retrieved from http://enrichmentjournal. ag. org, February 10,2013. Gallagher, Edward. “Sinners in the Hands of an Affronted God: Some Unfinished Business. ” Department of English, Lehigh University. Retrieved from www. lehigh. edu , January 31, 2013. Rogers, Henry. The Works of Jonathan Edwards, A. M. : With an Essay on His Genius and Writings, Volume 2. London: Ball, Arnold, and Co. 1840. Print. Smolinski, Reine. “Sinners in the Hands of an Affronted God. A Address Preached at Enfield, July 8th, 1741. ” (1741).

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