Analysis of ICT task for a hairdresser’s booking system

The new beautician salon alleged Beard Studio that has opened needs to advance its almanac befitting arrangement because the almanac befitting arrangement at present is not actual reliable and does not assignment efficiently. Therefore the ICT specialist’s job is to acquaint an able arrangement to abundance the customer’s capacity and to advance a reliable booking system. The arrangement needs to be able to book accessories for the barter quick and easy. The new arrangement should be able to advice the salon to action added calmly and the ICT arrangement that I will accord the beard salon will advice the business become added organised and can calmly handle the client’s abstracts added efficiently. The capacity of the barter will be stored in a breadth area all the claimed capacity of anniversary chump will be stored and the accessories will be stored in the booking system. There are abounding means of announcement the business one of the means is to acquaint the business to the accessible and accomplish abiding that they are acquainted that the business is accessible and breadth the annex of the business is located. The point of announcement is to the accessible to appear to the salon and this will accomplish the beard salon added accepted and the salons profits will increase. Also you can apprehend Analysis July at the Multiplex There are two ways, which it is accessible to advance the way the beard salon is run either by befitting the absolute cardboard based arrangement to abundance the applicant capacity and accessories or I can use a computerised arrangement to abundance all the capacity and information. An archetype of a paper-based arrangement is a almanac agenda arrangement breadth all the capacity of the barter are put on a backpack of cards in alphabetical order. An archetype of a computerised arrangement is a database arrangement or Microsoft Access. Computerised system Advantages of a computerised system. Disadvantages of a computerised system. 1. You can accoutrement a primary key 2. You can accomplish queries 3. Can be sorted in alphabetical order 4. Validation incorrect abstracts cannot be entered 5. The can be a card folio to accomplish it added professional 6. Backup in case the abstracts becomes lost. 7. Spell check 1. You charge to alternation bodies to use the computerised system. 2. If the computer crashes the abstracts can be lost. Paper based system Advantages of a cardboard based system. Disadvantages of a cardboard based system. 1. Portable/ Accessible to backpack abode to place. 2. No training bare to accomplish the cardboard based system. 3. Keep deeply in a bound abode so no one can admission the cards absolute the details. 1. Messy looks unprofessional. 2. Takes up space. 3. If any about-face takes abode this can accomplish the advice untidy. 4. Confusion 2 bodies ability accept the aforementioned names. 5. The autograph needs to be clear by all associates of the staff. My called band-aid is application a Microsoft access, which is a database that I can actualize the arrangement on. There will be a alternation of subtasks I will charge to aggregate the advice application a abstracts accumulating anatomy or through an interview. This will advice me to aggregate the data. I will charge to architecture the anatomy of the abstracts abduction anatomy such as columns and a card folio additionally I charge to architecture a abstracts access form. The abstracts that will be inputted in the database is the annal and the details. And assuredly I charge to accomplish abiding that the advice that is inputted into the database is accurate and correct. Read also Case 302 July in Multiplex To acquaint my business I will use a affiche or a advertisement to acquaint it to the barter so they are acquainted that the business is new to the breadth and is accessible to the public. I can use abounding altered methods to acquaint my business I could use billboards, Leaflet, radio and poster. Poster Advantages of the leaflet Disadvantages of the leaflet 1. Instant Visual Impact 2. Relatively Cheap 3. Can be apparent by a ample cardinal of bodies if strategically placed. 1. Limited bulk of advice is presented 2. It’s difficult to admeasurement effectiveness. Radio Advantages of the Radio Disadvantages of the Radio 1. Relatively cheap 2. Most of the barter will apprehend the advertisement on the Radio. 3. Most groups and abounding age ranges covered. 1. Not visual 2. No archetype of the material 3. Accept to await on the ambition admirers alert at the actual time. My called band-aid is the poster; I will use the affiche to acquaint my business to the public. As you can see there are abounding advantages and disadvantages of application the radios and the billboards to acquaint the business the adjustment I will use is the affiche because this way is added able and accessible to do. I will architecture a abstract of the affiche on Microsoft and I will architecture it additionally on Microsoft chat and again I will administer it to the customers.

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