Analysis of Attitudes to Student Housing

Chapter ONE Introduction: 1.1BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Student address is an basal basic of the basement of any university campus. They are alike added of acceptation in a clandestine university. It is of acceptation that adherent address installations should let pupils to carriage out their bookish activities advisedly while announcement civic interaction. Completed residential edifices should non alone be fit for the absorbed of the users, but besides be able to assassinate their maps in such means as to agreement allusive occupants ’satisfaction ( Liu, 1999 ) . Research has apparent that designers and architecture users’ alter in their criterions or thoughts about the address edifices should attending or run. The artist is commonly anxious with aesthetics, bread-and-butter system, structural stableness, functionality, accomplishing the applicant ; while the user is chiefly anxious with how best the architecture accommodates his activities. It is all-important for advancement of the architecture action decidedly in structured establishments with the accessible to carriage out agnate architecture and architecture undertakings that an appraisement of the accessible presentation of their absolute installations is agitated out. The aftereffect of assertive concrete and cerebral facets of a architecture on the users’ ability can non be understated. It is all-important that an appraisement of adherent inn installations and their functionality be agitated out. This bookish appraisement of the congenital ambiance is alleged “Post Occupancy Evaluation ( POE ) ” and it is the appraisement of a architecture with emphasis placed on its anatomic characteristics instead than the aesthetics, accomplished and economical characteristics entirely. Post Occupancy Evaluation aims to accredit clients, assurance shapers, and operators of altered installations to accumulation bigger environments for clients, residents, and users ( Cubukcu and Isitan, 2011 ) . Student perceptual adventures can be adjourned in footings of both accomplished ( i.e. , acoustic and ocular abundance ) and anatomic ( i.e. , allowance coatings and allowance blueprint ) demands. However, accomplished and anatomic architecture accessible presentations are advised as two altered facets that can be acclimated to amplify apprentice residential achievement ( Hassanain, 2008 cited in Akinluyi, 2013 ) . Similar surveies ( Foubert et Al, 1998, Amole, 2009a & A ; Khozaei et al. , 2010 ) in utilizing a altered advance accept factored in administration of the installations, this includes elements such as inn regulations and fees and the attitudes of inn employees. Several factors can be acclimated to admeasurement all-embracing achievement with adherent lodging, including concrete variables such as installations and balance casework ( Hassanain, 2008 ) . Social variables such as adherent relationships, herding and aloofness may besides be advised as factors acclimated to admeasurement user satisfaction. This analytical adjustment evaluates the success and failures of completed architecture undertakings. Such advice could be utilized: To bigger the completed and approaching architecture undertakings by bigger allegorical the autogenous decorators of the users’ demands and bigger bing architecture accessible presentation by modifying affliction and administration patterns. To achieve an aloof anamnesis for specific types of architecture undertakings ( such as dispensary and aerodrome architecture or architecture of a university campus ) . To advance architecture guidelines for approaching architecture undertakings. 1.2STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Many edifices do non assassinate as planned, some end up activity an wholly altered absorbed from that for which arena they were constructed. In some instances this can appulse on active costs and care, user and applicant achievement and accessible presentation, wellness, assurance and comfort. Harmonizing to Akinluyi ( 2013 ) , for alliteration architecture audience such as universities, larning from, and afterlight accomplished errors in architecture and allotment of edifices can be awful cost-efficient and bigger the accessible presentation of the enactment in general, its installations in appropriate and abundantly bigger all-around ability of the pupils. Housing installations, as afore stated, is decidedly of acceptation in universities and it is of acceptation that these installations accommodated the demands of the user for acute user satisfaction. Harmonizing to Awolesi ( 2008 ) , designs are actuality accountable by absolute boundaries of amount and bread-and-butter system, artful considerations, the absolute demands of the clients, or as accustomed in establishments, the appeal to do the architecture reflect the bing architectural address of its actual ambiance or typology and this after-effects in constructions that sometimes accommodation criterions and best times do non see the demands of the proposed users. While there is a appeal for considerations of bread-and-butter system, aesthetics and the of acceptation demands of the client, the users’ demands do non authority to be sacrificed wholly. Residents’ achievement is one of the above determiners of architecture accessible presentation, affection and the success of the architecture undertaking. This analysis seeks to assay the amount of achievement of pupils with the address installations provided by the school. In peculiar, it investigates the aboriginal macho and changeable inns congenital by the Concrete Planning and Development Department of the Covenant University and the amount of achievement of pupils with the infinites provided aural the halls. 1.3RESEARCH QUESTIONS How anatomic are the infinites provided aural the halls? How do pupils acknowledge to the infinites in footings of satisfaction? Does gender appulse the amount of user achievement of pupils? 1.4AIM AND OBJECTIVES The purpose of this analysis is to admeasurement the base control use of two of the adherent inn installations in Covenant University as it relates to the amount of achievement of the pupils with the inn installations and how abundant these responses are bent by the gender of the pupils. To achieve this purpose, the added specific aims are: To assay the inn installations ( viz. Esther Anteroom and Peter Anteroom ) in footings of users’ satisfaction. To admeasurement the students’ acceptance and acknowledgment to these installations and the infinites within. To assay how abundant this acknowledgment is bent by the gender of the pupils. To assay the affection of the students’ address based on the users’ responses and achievement with the installations. 1.5Justification OF THE STUDY This analysis is of acceptation because the adherent address installations are an of acceptation allocation of the congenital ambiance in university campuses. This is decidedly so in clandestine universities abnormally area it is compulsatory for all pupils to berth on the campus in inn installations provided by the school. It will admeasurement to what admeasurement the gender of pupils affect the acceptance and perceptual acquaintance of the infinites aural the inn installations and the installations in accepted and how these infinites can be bigger acclimatized to board the demands and demands of the altered genders afterwards giving bread-and-butter arrangement in architecture and beheading ( i.e. architecture ) . This analysis will abetment to admeasurement the success of completed architecture undertakings and admeasurement the admeasurement to which the designers’ purpose and outlooks are accumbent with the users’ demands. 1.6Significance OF THE STUDY The analysis is aimed at barometer the amount of user achievement of pupils in Esther and Peter Halls in Covenant University. It will admeasurement how acceptable the edifices bout the demands of the macho and changeable pupils and address means to bigger accessible presentation and appropriateness for intent. It will besides assay the aftereffect of gender on user acknowledgment to infinites in footings of satisfaction. The analysis will accordingly add to the amoebic anatomy of acknowledgment every bit acceptable as acquaint University accommodation makers on how to apprentice inns can be bigger advised to board the demands of the pupils. It will besides accumulation acknowledgment on the amount of achievement of the users of the adherent inns actuality studied. 1.7Scope OF THE STUDY The analysis will admeasurement the types of inn installations accessible in Covenant University with focal point on Esther Anteroom and Peter Hall. Covenant University is a clandestine university amid in Sango-Ota. It was founded in 2002 by the Living Faith Commission in Canaan land, Ota. The University has 4 arch colleges. They are: the College of Business, College of Leadership and Developmental Studies, College of Science and Technology and College of Engineering. The University is acceptable planned with acutely authentic subdivisions such as the residential country, bookish country, and recreational countries amidst others. The University is to the abounding residential ( for the pupils ) with 10 inn installations ( 5 macho and 5 changeable inns ) provided to abundantly address the accretion adherent population. The macho inns are the: Peter Hall, Paul Hall, John Hall, Joseph Anteroom and Daniel Hall. The changeable inns are: Esther Hall, Mary Hall, Deborah Hall, Lydia Anteroom and Dorcas Hall. Esther and Peter Anteroom are the oldest inn installations, congenital back the academy was founded in 2002. These halls accept the aforementioned architecture but are active by pupils of the two genders. The analysis will admeasurement the accessible presentation of the infinites provided in these halls based on the amount of adherent satisfaction. 1.8LIMITATIONS OF STUDY Due to the attributes of the survey, the afterward are the restrictions that were experienced: The bite of the analysis worker. The hasty acknowledgment of users/occupants. Insufficient clip. The blow abstemiousness was a above restriction. 1.9RESEARCH METHODOLOGY This analysis will basically advance primary ancestry of information. Data was acquired from addressee pupils beyond altered programmes of analysis aural the able halls of address utilizing structured questionnaires. Randomization is accomplished by administering these questionnaires beyond the altered wings and floors in the halls of address in a analytical manner. There are 7 wings in anniversary of the halls with 4 floors and 8 suites on anniversary floor, except for A and G wings with 5 suites on anniversary floor. The questionnaires will be broadcast to at atomic 2 pupils on anniversary floor. 1.10DEFINITION OF TERMS Appraisal: This is a appraisal of a architecture based on assertive called standards. Constructing Performance: This is the approach in which a architecture maps. It has altered facets some of which are quantitative in attributes while others are qualitative. Some of these facets are ; activity direction, life-cycle costing, illuming, acoustics, humidness, thermic abundance and spacial relationships. Gender: Gender may be authentic as the belongingss that analyze beings on the basement of their abundant functions. Post-Occupancy Evaluation: Preiser et Al. ( 1988 ) defines Post-Occupancy Evaluation as ‘the action of barometer edifices in a analytical and austere approach afterwards they accept been congenital and active for some time’ . Friedman ( Friedman et al, 1978 ) defines Post Occupancy Evaluation from an anthropometric position as “an appraisal of the brand to which a advised arena satisfies and supports absolute and around animal demands and ethics of those for whom a architecture is designed” Student Housing: Khozaei et Al. ( 2010 ) ascertain adherent address as a dumbly busy amalgam with abounding suites in which anniversary allowance contains several beds. Harmonizing to this definition, adherent address installations accommodate kiping and clearing quarters, commonly afterwards clandestine bathrooms or lavatories, for a big amount of people. It commonly consists of abounding accepted infinites such as baths, washs and in some instances accepted suites. Apprentice address goes by abounding names, such as halls of abode, adherent abode anteroom and inns. User Satisfaction: User achievement is a action of mensurating what was accustomed and what was expected. It is the absolute acquaintance bidding by association back their address accession meets their outlooks for assemblage characteristics, casework and installations provided.

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