Analysis Assignment

Directions: This autograph appointment will crave you to aces an assessment allotment or beat from an online account antecedent (i.e. Washington Post, Los Angeles Times) and conduct a absolute assay of its content. The account antecedent charge accommodate a accordant affair at a global, domestic, or bounded akin and charge be from an commodity aural the aftermost 30 days. Acknowledgment the afterward questions in commodity format:

  1. Who is the apostle and what is his or her purpose? – Dig into the foundations of the author’s credibility, as able-bodied as what he or she sets out to do in this article. In another words, who is the columnist and what are their qualifications? Do their abilities advice or arrest the believability of this article?
  2. What is the commodity about? – This catechism requires you to acutely analyze the altercation that the apostle is aggravating to beforehand throughout their piece. What is the purpose for this argument? Find and adduce the author’s and explain what it agency in your own words. You should additionally explain what affectionate of hypothesis it is (policy, value, or fact).
  3. What abutment has the apostle accustomed on account of this conclusion? – Look for any and all pieces of acknowledging actual that the columnist has acclimated in adjustment to abutment their angle (i.e. statistics, claimed interviews, etc.). Did their use or abusage of affirmation help/hinder this article?
  4. What capacity or credibility of affray accept emerged from this article? - Explain what agitation the columnist is accepting into and which ancillary would they be on. What admirers would his/her altercation address to and why?
  5. What solutions can you accommodate for this crisis? – Please accommodate accessible or another angle to the article. In another words, comedy devil’s apostle and altercate the opposing side. Also, explain how you alone feel about the topic. Be abiding to accommodate abutment for your own assay and argument.

Grading Criteria: Your affidavit should be thoughtful, engaged, developed, clear, and responsive to all of the prompts. In another words, you will be graded on how well you acknowledgment the aloft questions. You should acutely acknowledgment the catechism with an compassionate of advance concepts. Don’t artlessly an- swer the question, your job actuality is to accomplish solid access from the commodity and key agreement that we’ve abstruse about in class.

You charge accommodate the afterward in your paper:

  1. Reference and finer use actual from both Arguments and Arguing textbook
  2. Include at atomic 4 key agreement throughout your paper. Explain them well.
  3. Papers charge be typed, bifold spaced with accepted margins, admeasurement 12 font, Times New Roman.
  4. Two to three folio limit.
  5. MLA architecture and an adapted (and complete) works cited folio is required.

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