An Ideal Life Critical Analysis

The Introduction. 1. Our apple is abounding of trouble. 2. Meaning of ‘Happy Life’ or ‘Happy World.’ 3. We can accept a blessed or a ideal life.if we accept absolute accord in association and in the world. If animal beings accept abundant changes of authoritative progress;if animal beings are affluent (Successful and Happy) in all genitalia of association or the world; if there is absolute Amends every where. 4. The bodies and the government should try to assignment for absolute advance and happiness. 5. The Conclusion.It is actual difficult ,though not impossible,to accept a absolutely blessed world. This apple of ours is abounding of troubles.These troubles or evils are of abounding kinds.Million of animal beings,in altered genitalia of the world,are adverse poverty,disease,injustice,inequality,war, and so on. A blessed activity or a blessed apple is one in which a being lives in abundance and in blessed and satisfied. This agency he has abundant assets to amuse his needs and to adore the comforts of life.In accession ,he is blessed with his action in activity and enjoys achievement of the heart.The absolute apple would be happyif we accept acceptable action of active in every country or society. Firstly there should be peace.People should adjudge to achieve all their problems or disputes in peaceful ways.They should try to achieve them through altercation or through courts of law,but never by use of force . So also,countries should try to achieve their disputes through conferences and affairs amid their rulers or goverments.They should access apple alignment like the UN for the adjustment of their disputes. Secondly Human. Beings should accept abundant affairs of manking advance in all accessible ways.If a being has able abilities for a profession ,he should be able to assignment and advance in it.He should be able to get a job calmly .He should get abundant pay according to the assignment he does(as he does it).It should be accessible for all animal beings to get appropriately accomplished and to improve their ability . Thirdly, Human beings at all places and in all genitalia of the apple shold be prosperous.This agency that they should accept abundant money to absorb ,proper houses to alive and accomplished clothes to wear. Parents should be able to get their accouchement eduvated and accomplished suitable.Old bodies should accept able incomes or pensions afterwards their retirements from work.Ill bodies should be able to buy medicines or accept able medical analysis in hospitals. Fourthly, We should accept absolute amends every where.The rights of every one should be safe and none should be accustomed to agitation others in any way.All should be according be afore the law. The activity of all animal beings can be absolutely blessed if they try to accomplish it so.All should adjudge to assignment hard.The bodies and the government should assignment calm for accepted amusing and civic aims.The UN should accomplish absolute accomplishment to authorize apple peace. It should accommodate aid to poor or developing countries as abundant as possible.The avant-garde countries should advice the developing countries through the UN or anon , but not for political purposes. It is,no doubt, actual difficult to accomplish our apple happy.However ,it may not be absurd to do so.Let us adjudge to accept accord ,progress,prosperity and amends every area .

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