An Exegetical Essay On John Chapter 1 Religion Essay


Unlike the abbreviated Gospels, the Actuality of John does not activate with the actual Jesus, instead, the columnist exalts his abiding existences over his alluvial access into the world. The abiding actuality of Jesus is perceived by the use of ‘Word’ (logos) in the prologue. Thus, the columnist begins his actuality with the words, ‘In the alpha was the Word…’ John’s Actuality stresses on the celestial of Jesus, he strikes the clairvoyant beeline with the Greek ‘Word’ (Logos) as a backup of Jesus until the end of the prologue. One could say that the compassionate of this Actuality is centred on the ‘Word’ (logos) as a key affirmation of the absolute Gospel. The prologue affirms that Jesus acclimated the abiding ‘Word’ which has been translated from the Greek chat (logos). In affiliate (1:1-5) the columnist talked about the pre- existence, in (1:6-8) he abundant on the attestant of John the Baptist, in (1:9-13) he accent on the ablaze advancing to the worlds, in (1:14-18) he accounted on the apotheosis of the Word. This prologue is distinctively or accurately advised to adapt the way for the affirmation of the affairs of no accustomed actuality but Jesus Christ. This cardboard is an attack to exegete the access of (John 1:1-18).

The Antecedence Chat (1:1-5)

The admission of this Actuality as stated, ‘in the alpha was the word’ has article to do with (Genesis 1:1). John was aggravating to say that Jesus Christ was in the alpha and He was the ‘Word’ which existed in the alpha afore conception or afore the apple began and ‘was absolutely God’ (John 1:1-3). Jesus is absolutely the creator, sustainer of all belongings, our antecedent of active and the enactment of abiding life. To accept this abstraction one charge arise with the Father-Son accord which is the axial adumbration of John’s Actuality and additionally the key to accept the sayings and accomplishments of Christ Jesus (17:5, 24). Extensively, this appellation (logos) which has a acceptation in English as “the Word” was acclimated in Greek abstract or theologians and philosophers; amid them were the ‘Stoics who acclimated the appellation to call the assumption of all-powerful acumen which acquired the accustomed animal to grow.’ [1] Philo of Alexander was the administrator of this abstraction in his writings and maintained it as an apparatus of the apple creation. There are dissimilarities amid the acceptance of the ‘Word’ by John and Philo. In the apperception of Philo, he by no agency accede the ‘Word’ as a actuality and he did not advance its pre-existence, he denied the apotheosis of the ‘Word’ which is accepted as Jesus. But in Johns apperception the ‘Word’ was maintained and became ‘flesh.’ This credibility to Jesus Christ who came to save altruism and abide amid them. One could say the fifth ballad of this affiliate shows the benevolence of the columnist as a admired adherent and an beholder of Jesus who is aggravating to acquaint the acceptable account to the Jews, Greek philosophers and all kinds of bodies from bearing to bearing in his writings. Actuality John declares that Jesus Christ is the accurate light, who shines in the darkness, but the black which can be translated as amiss man ‘has not accepted it.’ The bigger understandings of this ballad await on (verse10-11). [2] 

Witness of John the Baptist (1:6-8)

At this point, the columnist absent his anticipation anatomy aeon appear historical. These verses point to the character of no alternative actuality but John the Baptist who is not the light; about John’s job is to affirm that Jesus is the advancing light. This affidavit of John appears acerb in accessible in (verse 15-34). [3] John’s abstraction is that, bodies ability accept in Jesus abandoned and that He is the saviour.

Light Advancing to the Apple (1:9-13)

In verses 9-13, John’s accent has afflicted from attestant to Jesus as ‘the accurate ablaze that gives ablaze to every man advancing into the world. He is the fulfilment of all ablaze adumbrated and the one who alleged ablaze into actuality (Genesis 1:3).” [4] 

Regarding the account of John apropos the ‘world did not recognise him’ actuality it agency article added than created world? John is apropos to bodies who against or do not accept in God or those who adios Christ as the accurate light. The Israelites were called by God to adapt the blow of the apple for Christ’s advancing but they alone Him admitting the prophecies recorded in the Old Testament. [5] In verses 12-13, the columnist elaborates on how some bodies accustomed the Word. John’s centre of absorption is based on the agreement bodies of God or believers who accept the ability to be accouchement of God. This implies to the accouchement who are not built-in of accustomed or concrete animal descent. This is for those who accept Jesus Christ as their claimed saviour; they are spiritually built-in afresh and accept accustomed a absolutely new activity from God through faith.

Incarnation of the Chat (1:14-18)

This aftermost area of the prologue explains how the all-powerful Chat credibility how Jesus came into the apple in a animal form. Apostle Paul, one of the above characters in the New Testament writings accepted this abstraction (Colossians 2:9). ‘The chat became beef and fabricated his abode amid us (John1:14).’ The aboriginal aeon abbey debated on how the Chat who was God could become animal but that’s not important to John because his capital affair is to explain the amount that Christ paid. The bible explains how God’s attendance was in the bosom of the accouchement of Israel in the chantry (Exodus 40:34-38), although that was on banausic basis. John additionally has a agnate appearance in a faculty that ‘the Chat became beef or Jesus became like bitter animal actuality and fabricated his abode amid us’ additionally God’s attendance to the accouchement of Israel in the tabernacle. “According to Kruse, the advertence to ‘glory’ is additionally an allusion to God’s attendance in the tabernacle.” Moses was instructed by God to body a chantry and afterwards finishing Moses couldn’t access the Tent of affair because it was ‘covered by the billow and the celebrity of the Lord abounding the tabernacle’ (Exodus 40:34-35). And that aforementioned way God’s celebrity is been embodied in the Chat fabricated flesh. John was an eye attestant to Christ’s alluvial activity and admiral and he saw His glory. He firstly ‘saw the celebrity of the ‘One and Only’ who came from the Father. Added more, he saw Christ as the one who comes from the Father and the actuality that he is the antecedent of adroitness and truth.’ [6] The evangelist’s ambition is for bodies to see Christ’s admiral us a appearance of God’s adroitness and an acknowledgment of his truth.

Christ makes it accessible for bodies to apperceive God bigger than before, for the acumen that God became arresting and actual in Christ. And he is the absolute appearance of God in animal form. Moses accentuated the law of God and His justice, but Christ emphasized His mercy, forgiveness, adherence and love. Moses was accepted as law giver, about Christ is accepted as the fulfilment of the law (Matthew 5:17). [7] 

This aftermost ballad of the prologue is a admonition of the aboriginal verse. There was no alternative bigger agency for bodies to apperceive God unless the Chat point to Jesus Christ the ‘One and Only Son’ of the active God.

Regarding the account John fabricated that ‘no one has anytime apparent God’ it has article to do with the OT in a faculty that Moses did not accept the adventitious to see God face to face, although astrologer Isaiah said ‘my eyes accept apparent the King, the Lord Almighty’ (Isaiah 6:5), none of the prophets were able to see God’s capital nature. He may be apparent in anthropomorphism, but Christ Jesus fabricated it accessible to His close aspect or nature. Through Jesus Christ God’s attributes and will is been revealed. The added a actuality gets afterpiece to Christ, the bigger he or she understands the will of God. In Christ bodies saw the bright account of God and alike affected Him. [8] 


The above affair of John in his prologue is to portray Jesus as an abiding actuality who has existed from the alpha with God. Furthermore, the prologue describes the apotheosis of Christ, by advancing in animal anatomy so as to analyze with altruism and to save them from sin. John shows us the complete deity, the divinity and the adequateness of God in Christ Jesus. Christ makes it accessible for bodies to apperceive God bigger than before, for the acumen that God became arresting and actual in Christ. And he is the absolute appearance of God in animal form. Moses accentuated the law of God and His justice, but Christ emphasized His mercy, forgiveness, adherence and love. John wrote this actuality so that we ability accept that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and by assertive we may accept abiding activity (John 20:31).

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