an economic development case study paper

you will be appropriate to do some online analysis to analyze an bread-and-butter development action in San Bernardino or Riverside County that you will after address an bread-and-butter development case abstraction cardboard on In analytic for a project, actuality are some appropriate websites and sources:  1. Google  2. Google Account  3. San Bernardino Sun  4. Riverside Press-Enterprise  5. Inland Valley Daily Bulletin  6. Inland Empire Business Account  7. Inland Empire Business Journal  8. Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce  Your description of the action charge accommodate the following:  1. Name of Project  2. Analyze which government is complex (name of City and/or County)  3. Analyze which business(es) are involved. 4. What blazon of bread-and-butter development action is it (e.g. a bartering arcade center, a factory, addition blazon of business project, a college, etc.)  5. What action will booty abode at the project? (one book description)  6. Insert an online articulation to an commodity or antecedent about the project 

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