An Argument Essay

Write an altercation article on the affair “To lose is to win.” You may altercate for or adjoin the topic.   Based on your experience, observations, and study, booty a position for or adjoin the appearance giving affidavit in abutment your opinion. Introduce the affair so as to accomplish the article absorbing and go on to accompaniment why the affair is important/ why readers should affliction about the issue.  Present your apriorism in the addition and accord three credibility in abutment of the thesis.  Support anniversary of the three credibility in a abstracted paragraph.  Use transitions to appearance bright progression of thought. Anniversary branch should be bound to one accepted abstraction accurate by examples and details.  Present differing credibility of appearance apropos the topic, not adjustment with your own. Accomplish abiding not to run bottomward opposing opinions as absolute wrong. Other positions may not be able-bodied abreast or up- to- date on the topic. Perhaps, it is accessible to anticipate of an altercation article in agreement of a chat or agitation with a classmate. Conclude your article by emphasizing how the affair is important, reviewing the capital points, and your thesis. You may announce how added abstraction is bare and what activity needs to be taken.  Pay appropriate absorption to grammar and style. 

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