An Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Carbon Fuels and Alternative Energy Sources

I. Introduction A. Topic Overview Carbon-intensive sources of activity (i.e. deposit fuels) are amid the best acclimated sources of activity to date. In fact, “more than 85% of all primary activity on apple comes from deposit fuels” (McGuigan, 2003). The blow are initiatives to use addition activity sources. It is an alarming bulk back deposit fuels are non-renewable and that application deposit fuels increases the absorption of carbon in the atmosphere. Added absorption of carbon in the atmosphere again leads to the greenhouse aftereffect which accessories the calefaction aural the Earth. Furthermore, the afire of coal, accustomed gas and addition types of deposit fuels additionally contributes to the all-around air pollution. With these three-pronged problems stemming from the use of carbon fuels, this cardboard will appraise how the use of non-renewable sources charge be replaced by renewable sources of activity (i.e. solar and wind energy). B. Purpose, Relevance The purpose of this abstraction is to present a cost-benefit assay of application carbon fuels and addition sources of energy. This is an important adventure accustomed the actuality that the apple is adverse all-around abating and boundless abuse issues. At the end of this paper, the columnist hopes to argue its readers that renewable sources of activity is the best way to barrier carbon emissions, bottle the actual deposit fuels, and anticipate all-around abating and air abuse from worsening. C. Questions The afterward questions are to be answered in this paper: 1. What assets are primarily acclimated and why? 2. What problems aftereffect from nuclear and carbon based fuels? 3. What renewable activity sources can abate annex on atramentous and oil? 4. What countries currently use apple-pie activity assets and with what results? 5. What armament apathetic bottomward the development and accomplishing of renewable energy? 6. How afire is the charge to aggrandize solar, wind and baptize ability technologies? 7. How can accessible acquaintance and political activity be answer to break this all-around problem? D. Analysis Methods The researcher will accomplish a quantitative analysis to appear up with a accident and allowances abstraction of application non-renewable and addition activity sources. II. Assets Used/Carbon Based Fuels A. Coal             Atramentous is amid the affliction pollutants back breeding energy. According to Amalie Obusan of Greenpeace Southeast Asia, application atramentous not alone leads to ecology abolition and bloom problems, the action of “burning atramentous additionally accelerates altitude change” (Greenpeace Southeast Asia, 2010). B. Oil Natural oil additionally produces air abuse back actuality austere for activity production. There is additionally an inherent crisis in communicable baptize bodies in case of oil spills such as the BP oil discharge altercation beforehand this year. In accession to this, the bulk of oil fluctuates every so generally because of the decreased accumulation of oil. C. Nuclear To date, 31 countries are application nuclear ability all over the world. Approximately 438 nuclear ability plants in the apple are absolutely operational and an added 61 are currently beneath architecture (Westinghouse Electric Company, 2010). This growing acceptance of application nuclear activity is attributed to adherence of activity assembly in nuclear ability plants. A accepted ability bulb runs for added than a year afore it needs refueling. However, accustomed the crisis of administration nuclear elements and the problems in administration radioactive materials, nuclear activity use is still actuality banned in a lot of countries. III. Problems A. All-around Warming As mentioned above, the added absorption of carbon in the atmosphere contributes to greenhouse aftereffect and appropriately the all-around abating phenomenon. All-around abating can accept a cardinal of effects—particularly that of changes in the earth’s geomorphology. The college temperatures will account the glaciers in the arctic and southern poles to melt. The aberrant acclimate will additionally account added agitated close storms which “could access calamity and aggravate abrasion of both civil and littoral areas” (Jones, 1993). B. Ecology Pollution Environment abuse is mostly attributed to the afire of deposit fuels. Greenhouse gasses are appear from afire these deposit fuels which again accord to the accident of acerbic rain and air pollution. C. Depletion of Non-renewable sources Lastly, non-renewable assets are bound in number. Once the deposit ammunition affluence are absolutely depleted, altruism can alone delay for addition accumulation of deposit fuels to be created beneath the earth’s crust. In fact, the carbonization action of deposit fuels booty decades to complete. IV. Types of Apple-pie Energy A. Solar Panels Solar panels are amid the best accepted forms of addition energy. They can be acclimated anywhere that there is acceptable antecedent of sunlight. B. Wind Farms Wind farms are absolutely big-ticket and needs actual able apprehension to be able to accomplish abundant energy. But the action of converting automated activity into electricity does not aftermath any abuse at all. C. Dams, Tidal Breeding Stations The downside of architecture dams is that it can alone accomplish back there is abundant baptize aural the dam. Otherwise, dams are accounted non-functional. D. Biomass/ Algae Ponds Algae ammunition from algae ponds are actual ambiance friendly. Furthermore, the operational bulk of advancement an algae pond is actual low. E. Geothermal Another addition activity source, geothermal ability plants can be actual able in places area there are alive volcanoes. However, back volcanoes accept the addiction of acceptable dormant, this may not be the best and best reliable antecedent of energy. F. Hydrogen and Ammunition Cells Fuel beef use hydrogen as its fuel. Electricity is produced afterwards oxygen reacts with hydrogen central a ammunition cell. It can be added developed to accumulation ample calibration ability needs. V. Conclusion From these findings, the columnist concludes that it is best if countries will gradually about-face to application renewable sources of energy. Not alone will this save the actual deposit fuels reserves, there will additionally be beneath or no abuse produced while breeding electricity from renewable sources of energy. While architecture solar panels or wind mills requires a aerial bulk of investment, countries can apprehend a acknowledgment of advance in a few decades. Afterwards, they can use the accessories with beneath operational costs compared to continuously importing atramentous or accustomed gas. VI. References Greenpeace Southeast Asia. (2010, Juky 5). Asian Communities Say Not to Coal. Retrieved August 4,2010, from Greenpeace: Heiman, M. K., & Solomon, B. D. (2004). Ability to the People: Electric Utility Restructuring and the Commitment to Renewable Activity . Annals of the Association of American Geographers , 94-116. Jones, D. K. (1993). All-around Abating and Geomorphology . The Geographical Journal , 124- 130. McGuigan, B. (2003). What are Some of the Best Common Activity Sources? Retrieved August 4, 2010, from Wise Geek: Westinghouse Electric Company. (2010). Reliability. Retrieved August 4, 2010, from Westinghouse:  

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