An Analysis of My Personality Type

Your capital credibility and anniversary footfall are bright but you did not characterization them correctly. Acceptable observations, credibility and outcomes accurate throughout the paper. Conclusions/Summary References/Citations (4) Acceptable job/ Citations throughout anniversary breadth Spelling/Grammar Acceptable job/ Be abiding to use alive articulation folio Count/l_MIT (4) 20 PAP Format/Errors See PAP comments throughout the cardboard Overall Comments: Actual Acceptable paper! This cardboard has approved that you accept the amount objectives and acquirements outcomes for this appointment and the acceptation of your claimed assessment. Remember that alum akin autograph is a connected advance process. A solid best convenance is autograph a cardboard and again putting it bottomward and account it back you are fresh. You will about aces up baby mistakes by accomplishing this. Fix some of the little mistakes begin in this cardboard and you will strengthen your assignment on approaching assignments. It is axiomatic you paid absorption to accepting your cardboard right... You are accomplishing alum akin writing. Enjoyed account your assignment ... Great job! This cardboard discusses my claimed after-effects of the Myers-Briggs Blazon Indicator personality analysis and the Jung Typology Test. It additionally capacity how allegory and compassionate personality types is accordant to authoritative behavior. The aboriginal breadth of this cardboard capacity and discusses the specific aspects of my personality based on the tests mentioned above. Anniversary specific personality alternative is analyzed and accurate based on my blazon and temperament. Examples from my claimed and able activity are activated during the validation. The additional breadth off this cardboard addresses what accept abstruse about the Myers-Briggs and Jung Typology personality tests and how this adeptness can be acclimated by an employee, co-worker, and ambassador of an alignment . Seem,'rods: personality, type, authoritative behavior Richard Nixon already said, "Don't try to booty on a new personality; it doesn't work" ("Quotes on Personality', 2014). Accept that this is accomplished advice. Instead of aggravating to advance a new personality, conceivably bodies should apprentice to bigger accept the personality that they have. After demography the Myers- Briggs Blazon Indicator personality analysis and the Jung Typology Test, I accept a bigger compassionate of my own personality and additionally the personality ancestry of alternative bodies about me. In the aboriginal breadth of this cardboard I will detail and altercate the specific aspects of my personality based on the tests mentioned above. In the additional breadth of this cardboard I will explain how what I abstruse about personality types relates to authoritative behavior and how it will advice me be a bigger employee, co-worker, and manager. Aspects of My Personality Blazon After demography both the Myers-Briggs Blazon Indicator personality analysis and the Jung Typology Test, I was classified with the Alienated Analysis Cerebration Anticipation (1ST J) personality type. SITS personality types are advised quiet aloof bodies who are loyal, faithful, and dependable ("Psychological Type", 2014). They tend to accurate a able faculty of assignment and charge and are afresh actual austere individuals ("Jung Typology Test", 2014). Gist's accept in laws and traditions and they are about bourgeois in attributes (Kroger, Teethes, & Rutledge, 2002). In the afterward paragraphs will altercate the authority of the altered belletrist of my personality blazon and how they accurately chronicle to me. Introvert Alternative On the Jung Typology Test, I denticulate a audible alternative of 67% brooding over extroversion. As an introvert, I tend to focus aural myself for satisfaction. Frequently I accept to force myself to collaborate with bodies in a amusing setting. I rarely adore blind out in ample groups of people. I adopt to absorb time abandoned and would accede myself a "home body'. Back I do go out, it is usually to a abode breadth I don't accept to collaborate with bodies on a claimed level. Sitting in a aphotic cine theatre with my ancestors or bistro banquet at a restaurant are absolute examples of a low blackmail amusing setting. Throughout my activity I accept consistently had 1 or 2 abysmal friendships as against to a ample accumulation of friends. An casual weakness with introverts is they are sometimes reel octant to assignment with others (Kroger, Teethes, & Rutledge, 2002). In my able life, I am not absolutely as introverted. As a aggressive affiliate and ambassador of people, I accept to collaborate with my subordinates and aeon on a circadian base in adjustment to facilitate mission accomplishment. Sensing Alternative With a analysis attendance of 62%, according to the Jung Typology Test, I assume to accommodate to about 70% of the U. S. Population apropos this alternative (Kroger, Teethes, & Rutledge, 2002). Sensors are authentic as individuals that adopt to get their advice in a accurate way from their 5 senses as against to accepting advice in a allegorical way like an automatic arson would ("Psychological Type", 2014). In both my claimed and able activity adopt to accord in facts and alive by a set of rules. As a 25 year aggressive veteran, accept been conditioned to acknowledge and acknowledge absolutely this way. I tend to await on my adventures to advice me assay the specifics as they are presented to me. A above weakness with my alternative for analysis is that sometimes debris to attending at things from addition perspective. Cerebration In this abstinent breadth of the Jung Typology Test, I approved a bright adeptness for the cerebration alternative with a appraisement of 88%. As a ambassador in he aggressive profession, pride myself on my adeptness to be objective, fair and firm. As a ambassador I frequently accomplish difficult decisions and durably accept that it is added important to be admired than liked. Consistently try to attending at things from a analytic angle and try not to let my claimed animosity get in the way of my decisions. One bottomward ancillary with the cerebration alternative is that it is accessible to balloon about the bodies angle back you are authoritative decisions ("Psychological Type", 2014). Anticipation Alternative The anticipation alternative was my best absolute personality alternative with appraisement of 100% on the Jung Typology Test. In my aggressive profession I alive by a schedule, accomplish absolute judgments, and consistently try to chase the accustomed rules and regulations. Onto like to delay until the aftermost minute to do things. I am additionally actual bourgeois and adapted in my access to my claimed and able life. One weakness of my overwhelmingly able anticipation alternative is that frequently accept little backbone with bodies that are procrastinators, poor planners, or clumsy to accomplish decisions. SITS Personality with a SO Attitude Bodies with SITS personalities are advised internally focused individuals ho exhibit; able senses of duty, acceptable authoritative skills, are apprenticed to succeed, are honest, and amount their candor ("Psychological Type", 2014). My attitude is a Analysis Anticipation (SO). SO temperaments admiration to be associated with cogent institutions or organizations (Kroger, Teethes, & Rutledge, 2002). As a Non-commissioned Officer in the affiliated States Air Force this makes absolute sense. I adore the circadian challenges associated with actuality an ambassador and manager. I accept a abysmal account for the alternation of command aural my organization, and pride myself on actuality reliable. A alive byproduct is that in my claimed activity my SO attitude can sometimes be cutting for my accouchement because I tend to be a assignment master. Relating Personality Types to Organizations After account Blazon Talk at Work, I accept a greater adeptness of the 16 altered personality types and how they chronicle to authoritative behavior. As a ambassador in an organization, it is capital that I am able to account the centralized strengths and weaknesses of my advisers (Fisher, 2012). Compassionate how to assay an alone based on their personality blazon can be of astronomic account to me as a supervisor. Throughout my years as an enlisted ambassador in the IIS Air Force, I accept abstruse that anniversary alone is altered and you accept to administer them accordingly. For example; if I accept to accredit addition as training instructor, apparently would attending for an character over an introvert. Since accepting addition who is adequate speaking in advanced of bodies would be basic for this position, an character personality would be a bigger choice. Motivation is additionally altered based on personality. Extroverts adore actuality adored in public, while introverts adeptness adopt a added low key setting. As a ambassador it is additionally important for me to accept how my own personality blazon furnishings my administration style. As a SITS personality type, occasionally accept a addiction to abolish the perspectives of others. I additionally am a actual "by the book" manager. Compassionate the weaker characteristics of my personality blazon will advice me to ascendancy them so they don't base my adeptness to administer my alignment ("Psychological Type", 2014). Account and acquirements about the 16 altered personality types has been actual candid from a claimed and able perspective. Compassionate he four altered personality preferences and how they assignment calm to accomplish up my personality will account me throughout my life.

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