Janie Kiester Mini Ethnography on Amish Banquet Instructor, Michelle Stone, PhD Amish/Mennonite Information: Today there are over 12 altered Amish and Mennonite groups in the Shipshawana area. They do not admittance electricity or telephones in their homes. By akin admission to television, radio, and telephones, the Amish feel they are bigger able to accumulate the avant-garde apple from advancing into their home life. The Amish accept continued adopted agriculture as a way of life. They feel their affairs and their families can best be maintained in a rural environment. While they do not admittance the use of tractors in their fields, these acceptable Amish groups do use avant-garde acreage accessories pulled by teams of horses or mules. These acceptable Amish groups do not own or accomplish automobiles, assertive that cars would accommodate easier admission to the means of the world. You about see their horses and buggies on the streets of Shipshawana. These acceptable groups abrasion apparent accouterment styles, which has becoming them the name "Plain People". It is the simple, peaceful affairs of these apparent bodies that attracts such a concern today. Abounding admiration how these bodies can survive in their allegedly astern ways. Well, they're not alone actual - they're thriving. Since 1960, the Amish citizenry in Shipshewana has about tripled. Their break from the blow of association absolutely helps to strengthen their community. Amish accouchement appear Amish one-room academy houses through the eighth grade. Amish adoration casework are captivated every alternative anniversary in one of the member's homes. Socializing is an important allotment of Amish life. The Amish accept a able faculty of association spirit, and about appear to the aid of those in need. Their barn raisings are a acceptable archetype and neighbors advisedly accord of their time and their abilities to advice one another. The Amish are about clandestine bodies and about acquisition all the absorption and concern about their affairs disturbing. They accept that the demography of photographs breadth addition is apparent is banned by the Biblical prohibition adjoin authoritative any 'graven image. With our society's accepted absorption in abating 'family values', abundant can be abstruse from belief the Amish way of life. Their adherence to ancestors and association and their able assignment belief are acceptable examples of a abundant beyond society. I was access to appear the Amish Banquet in the home of J and B Yoder, of Shipshawana on October 16, 2010, at 6:00pm. Six alternative bodies were access to appear this appropriate banquet and I accustomed aboriginal so I could beam them as they arrived. The home was absolutely agreeable and active in copse appliance and bootleg furnishings; anyone would be of comfort. Baby Amish accouchement could be activate active around, lots of women with aprons accustomed aliment dishes to the bistro area, alike a dog was barking and active about while all this commotion was happening. I talked to Mrs. Yoder, the wife of Mr. Yoder, who is the arch of the household. I asked her abounding questions about actuality Amish, active with extend family, and what her ability is like on a day to day basis. She excitingly talked about her ancestors and her ideal ability of actuality Amish. She went on to allocution about the huge amounts of assignment that has to be done anniversary day and anniversary actuality residing in the home has their own responsibilities. She called a few of hers, including laundry by hand, bathing the 7 adolescent children, authoritative 12 loafs of aliment accustomed and the cleaning. She laughed at accepting 4 ovens and it still isn't abundant for her family. The able leaders in her accumulation are absolutely the men. Again use the law of approbation and aback addition needs advice it is done calm as a association in the adjustment of need. If a ancestors needs food, housing, transportation, again they accord from within. She comments about actuality built-in and aloft Amish and that she does not apperceive a activity alfresco it. She does adore the ancestors accord the ability provides, the faculty of abundance and the quiet lifestyle. The aboriginal to access was the Adam's Family. There were two adults and two baby children. They entered the abode with abundant acknowledgment and was alien to Mr. and Mrs. Yoder. The accouchement were brought into the atelier to comedy with the Amish children. I stood in the aperture to beam the accouchement and noticed the chat was all about the Amish child's clothing. A Adams, was allurement the candied Amish boy why he had to abrasion the aforementioned out fit as the alternative Amish boys and men. He alike asked if it was his Halloween costume. It was amazing to me that at the age of 5, Alex knew that the accouterment was out of his amusing norm. He additionally was able-bodied acquainted that this Amish boy was not of his aforementioned amusing group. The Amish boy was actual quiet and did not acknowledgment the questions he was asked. He sat agilely and played with a duke fabricated board truck. C Adams, the earlier boy pulled out his Nintendo DS Arrangement and started arena with it. The Amish boy asked him if it was a calculator. C Adams, showed the Amish boy the video bold arrangement and he watched but never took the action to comedy it. Mrs. Adams was in the kitchen aggravating to advice but her attempts were angry bottomward by the candied Amish women. The abutting to access was a atramentous couple. They were not as out activity and accommodating as the Adam's family. They sat at the table and did not get up and attending about or action any abetment to the Amish women. I absolved up to this brace and alien myself to them. They had aloof confused to the breadth and was access to the banquet by friends. They currently had no ability or acquaintance with the Amish and were afraid by their lifestyle. They were afraid to try the adorable aliment they kept audition all about. They additionally commented on never alive anyone who could alive activity after cars, electricity etc. The atramentous man did ask if there were atramentous Amish families in the breadth and Mr. Yoder commented that he did not apperceive of any and that he was abiding there were African Americans who partake in his aforementioned culture. Once the guests were all arrived, they were all access to accumulate into the barn breadth breadth there were continued tables set up for the dinner. Adolescent girls wore beautiful aprons and were alien as our servers for the evening. The accumulation was all-embracing actual quiet and abounding of observation. There were a few babies fussing but alternative again that you heard actual little chatter. Mr. and Mrs. Yoder came out and accustomed anybody formally and asked to say a absolution on the food. This was absolutely allotment of their behavior and anybody took the action kindly. We again sat as the adolescent Amish girls brought platters and platters of aliment to our tables. Huge amounts of absurd chicken, craven and noodles, mashed potatoes, lots of altered vegetables, white turkey and ham were accessible to enjoy. Anybody ate and kept to themselves. The Amish girls were active active aback and alternating with new platters of aliment and pitchers abounding of beginning lemonade. There was no ball of any affectionate and we actual hardly saw the hostesses. It would accept been nice if they were about to acknowledgment questions or to action advice about their ability to the access guests. After the capital advance was austere and anybody was abounding with a blissful bulk of food, they brought out the pie. There was lots of auspicious and excitement. We were accustomed 2 pieces and there was about 10 altered choices. My bedmate and I chose 4 altered choices and nibbled at anniversary of them. The Amish are absolutely accepted for their adorable pies and bakery items. As the guests boring larboard as they accomplished their deserts. I watched and alone a few took their bedraggled dishes into the kitchen. Those that did, took the time to acknowledge the Yoder ancestors for this appropriate occasion. A brace of the adolescent Amish boys again took a few of the men on a bout of the property. The Amish are absolutely a attenuate amusing academy of its own. They go adjoin the apple and alive activity like they did a actor years ago and survive. No corpuscle phones, no internet, no cars, no electricity, no gasoline, etc. These austere ethics accomplish the alien analytical of such institution. I heard bodies say abounding times, “I could never alive like this, how do they do it? ” How do they do it? Many of them don't apperceive annihilation altered and accordingly accomplish it abundant easier to go after article that you never had to activate with. The Amish are a religious group, they are candied and abounding of God's spirit. The are a affectionate people, a ancestors orientated people. They are selfless, consistently accomplishing account for addition else. I can't advice but anticipate what our association would be like with absolute and encouraged amazing ethics and beliefs. One can still accept electricity and be kind, adulation their families and do affectionate acts of account right? I feel that our association would be so abundant bigger if somehow we could chase some of the Amish's examples. We all accept our own norms, our own religions and beliefs. Watching teenagers argument ceaseless is article that I abhorrence is a glimpse of our future. Can we survive after acquisitive things like a corpuscle phone? How could a teenager's time be spent if he/she weren't abhorrence in aerial academy account 24/7? As an absolute association we will never be able to instil such ethics but aural our families and primary groups we can. As parents I feel that we accept a huge albatross and teaching our accouchement aerial standards and ethics is of the absolute importance. What would our association be like if teenagers spent the aforementioned bulk of time belief as they did texting? Amazing! We would accept rocket scientists everywhere! Writing this cardboard gave me some abundant acquaintance activity out of my amusing abundance zone. I found, however, that it makes a accumulation added acceptable to associate if addition opens up aboriginal and introduces themselves. It break the ice and was abundant easier again I had anticipation it would be. I feel my abutting amusing accident will go bigger now that I accept accomplished activity out of my abundance area and introducing myself to strangers first.

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