American Express Case Study

What are the key apparatus of the architectonics American Express has created? The key apparatus of the architectonics American Express has created were the adeptness to added finer do business utilizing new acquittal methods and adaptable devices. This was done through technology alley map, advertence architectonics alley map and utility/capacity alley map. The action architectonics aggregation created alley maps to accept the leadership, authoritative anatomy and admonition and processes to accomplish abiding American Express's Advice Technology correlates with this changes in appeal placed aloft the use of new acquittal methods and adaptable accessories and their alignment with the organization's mission, goals, and objectives. This is the architectonics governance. In addition, it is important to accept the cardinal absorbed of the aggregation so that the business architectonics helps to adviser and absolute the processes correctly. The technology architectonics ensures that the processes and templates provided assignment in acquiescence with the needs of the organization. Discuss two advantages and three disadvantages of accustomed action architectonics for American Express? An advantage of accustomed action architectonics for American Express includes the adeptness to accommodate added constant user experience. In addition, accustomed action architectonics use can deduce accident and acknowledgment and abate operating costs. Optimally it will acquiesce artefact and casework to be brought to bazaar added quickly. Disadvantages of accustomed action architectonics accommodate the abstraction that architectonics charge adviser rather than dictate. The architectonics action charge apparent as a "fit" for the advisers and barter of American Express. It should be amount to projects and be accustomed on its own merits. It charge additionally serve a mission: in this case American Express has a cardinal charge for action architectonics that addressed the specific charge of beneath time to bazaar articles and casework and new commitment changes like adaptable devices. Another disadvantage is that added costs can be incurred if the arrangement is not appropriately managed. How ability they abode the disadvantages? Since architectonics charge adviser rather than behest an alignment it is key that the company's action absolutely drives the architectonics (which, as our argument credibility out, drives infrastructure). IT charge anxiously administer the architectonics to ensure that it is actuality managed in this manner, rather than accepting the aggregation be bound by the architectonics or guided by the architectonics based on its perimeters, rather than accurate planning of the needs of the organization. Since "enterprise architectonics is the ample architectonics that includes both the advice system, architectonics and the interrelationships in the enterprise" (Pearlson & Saunders, 2013), it is key that anniversary aspect works calm to abutment action and added calmly advice the organization. Costs of managing accustomed action architectonics charge be managed. Standardization should advance to bargain operating costs and greater bendability aural the organization. However, in adjustment to do so, IT charge anxiously administer the arrangement and attending advanced as new technologies emerge, ensuring that the arrangement can acclimate and angle to acclimatize for projected needs.

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