America Revolution

The articulation amid the French and Indian War and the American Revolution ability assume unexpected, but the French and Indian War paved the way for the American Revolution. The access of the French and Indian Wars on the American Revolution is alike greater due to the success of the British in the colonial wars amid Abundant Britain and France. The French and Indian War is the name acclimated for the colonial wars that took abode amid Abundant Britain and France from 1754 until 1763 over the ascendancy of the area in North America. The French and Indian War began on the base of the animosity amid France and England which eventually began over the territories of the New World. The area of North America was anon disconnected amid British North America and the French North America, administration of ability that bent in the average the Native Americans (Bell, 2003). The French and Indian War concluded with the win of Abundant Britain, which by that time had already accustomed itself as the world’s greatest empire, actuality accepted by the 1763 Treaty of Paris (Bell, 2003). However, the achievement of Britain meant that its colonial authority added and forth with it the arrears of Abundant Britain. This arrears was anesthetized on to the colonists in North America and afterwards became the one of the affidavit that led to the American Revolution. The access of the French and Indian War on the American Revolution is apparent abnormally due to the achievement of the British which were faced with several problems that were amid the affidavit for the alpha of the American Revolution. The American Revolution refers to the moment back the Thirteen Colonies that afterwards became the United States acquired ability from Abundant Britain. Although the angry started twelve years afterwards the end of the French and Indian War, the aeon that followed the Seven Years War represented the alertness for the American Revolution and the alpha for the advocate era (American Revolution). Afterwards the end of the French and Indian War American Colonies were faced with alone one ruler, Abundant Britain, and acquired an important accessory for their advocate movement, France. “France played a key role in acceptable the new nation with money and munitions, acclimation a affiliation adjoin Abundant Britain, and sending an army and a agile that played a absolute role at Yorktown” (American Revolution). If it wasn’t for the French and Indian War and if Abundant Britain wouldn’t accept won over France, conceivably the American Revolution wouldn’t accept occurred or it would accept had a adamantine adventitious accepting any able accessory in a action adjoin two colonial empires. While France became an accessory in the American Revolution, Abundant Britain concluded the French and Indian War with a abundant deficit, a arrears that it asked to be covered from the American colonies as a amount of arresting them from the French threat. These taxes imposed by Britain were advised to be actionable and acquired abundant annoyance in the colonies, eventually arch to the access of the American Revolution. The best accessible articulation amid the American Revolution and the French and Indian War is that of the taxes imposed by the British for the aegis of the colonies from the French threat. The botheration with the taxes, which eventually led to the American Revolution, was not that they were aerial or that they existed at all, it was that the colonists were not consulted about these taxes because they had no adumbrative in the British Parliament (American Revolution). Since there was no representation of the American colonies in the British Parliament, how could there be taxation. The accountable of “no taxation after representation” became one of the affidavit why the colonies adapted ability from the British government. Particularly this admiration for according rights and representation was the base of the action for ability from Abundant Britain. Taxation was not the alone botheration amid the British and the Americans. In 1764, the Parliament anesthetized two acts that agitated the colonists alike added (Sugar Act and the Currency Act), arch to a avoid of British appurtenances (American Revolution). Confronted with a accepted enemy, the colonies began to coact and from that moment on the alley to the American Revolution began. The American colonies benefited abundantly from the French and Indian War because this war larboard the arrive Britain in debt and beat so that it was a beneath aggressive antagonist by the time the Revolution began. “The war apparent the weakness of British authoritative ascendancy in the colonies on assorted fronts” (1756-1776) . Through their attack to awning war losses, the British “violated what abounding American colonists accepted as the bright antecedent of added than a aeon of colonial-imperial relations”. The taxation affair accordingly became the attribute of hoe the affiliation amid the colonies and Abundant Britain will abide and the call of ability occurred. Of course, taxation was not the alone acumen in the American Revolution, but it contributed abundantly in ambience a accepted account in the colonies. The end of the French and Indian War had a cogent access on the American Revolution because until the end of the war, few British North America colonists revolted adjoin their role in the British Empire. Bibliography: • Bell, Sandra, Savoir Faire: the French and Indian War, May/June 2003, accessible at http://www. collectionscanada. ca/bulletin/015017-0303-05-e. html; • American Revolution, accessible at http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/American_Revolution; • 1756-1776: The Seven Years War to the American Revolution, accessible at http://www. tax. org/Museum/1756-1776. htm.

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