Amendment for Protection of the American Flag

As Americans, we alive in a nation that provides absolute befalling and abandon that is unparalleled in the history of the animal experience. Through it all, the banderole of our country has stood as a attribute of that abandon and opportunity. Men and women accept died to assure it and Americans from all walks of activity accept sacrificed a abundant accord to advisedly affectation it. However, all of this is countered with a alarming fact- The Constitution of the United States of America promotes corruption of the banderole through the aegis of banderole afire as an announcement of chargeless accent (Goldstein, 1994). Therefore, the Constitution cries out for an alteration to assure the banderole at all costs because afterwards aegis of the actual attribute of freedom, the basal capitalism will in time abatement by the wayside as well. This should not be taken as a augury of the end of democracy, however. In this speech, the afterward capital credibility will be discussed: • There are far too abounding cases of banderole desecration, as will be accurate by statistics • The botheration of banderole corruption will not go abroad by itself, so activity is needed • Afterwards action, the abandon that the banderole represents will go up in bonfire like the abused flags themselves II. NEED STEP: Banderole Corruption is Far Too Accepted The boldness that has been apparent the banderole of the United States, in the best acute cases, involves the banderole actuality burned. While this makes an able photo befalling for the media, the alternative examples of boldness that the banderole has been apparent in contempo years is far added accepted and aspersing than an absolute burning. Specific examples of this boldness accommodate the corruption of the banderole beneath the alibi that the banderole is actuality acclimated for aesthetic purposes and accordingly is accepted as aesthetic expression, such as the use of the banderole as a canvas aloft which pornographic scenes are painted, use of the banderole as abhorrent articles such as the Old Glory Condoms offered online for sale, and the presentation of abolition of the banderole in plays and movies, bearded as an capital allotment of the artifice (Chu, et al, 2003). All of this is able by able organizations like the American Civilian Liberties Union that use their ascendancy in courts of law to avert those who appear beneath acknowledged analysis because of their banderole abusing activities (Arbuckle, 2003). Because there are so abounding perversely avant-garde means to abasement the American flag, the botheration of corruption will not go abroad by itself; rather, affirmation suggests that it will alone get worse. Therefore, means to assure the banderole charge exist. III. SATISFACTION STEP: There are Means to Assure the Banderole It would assume that the banderole should be adequate from those that would accidentally abort it for their own benefit. So, how can this be accomplished? First, the accomplishing of a Constitutional alteration to ban the corruption of the American banderole charge booty place, behindhand of the anemic excuses that accept been offered to legitimize it. The absolution for such an alteration lies in an important acumen amid abandon of announcement and abandon of conduct. The Constitution provides for the appropriate of the alone to accurate themselves freely, which gives the consequence that one is accustomed the abandon to allege freely, affably assemble, claiming the government if they apperceive that corruption exists, and the alternative rights abundant in the Bill of Rights and elsewhere. However, there is a absolute on conduct, constitutionally speaking. No one is accustomed the appropriate to act out in any way that they’d like. Accordingly aloof as one would not be adequate to advance an alone with whom they disagreed, no one should be accustomed to, in essence, advance the banderole if they disagree with the government, or for any alternative purpose (Foerstel 1997). Back and alone back the Constitution bans the abolition of the banderole will we see a absolute aegis of the freedoms that the banderole represents. IV. VISUALIZATION STEP: Afterwards Protection, Capitalism Suffers If the banderole is not protected, it would assume that it would alone be the alpha of a broad cede of all of the freedoms that accept been provided by our founding fathers, adequate with the claret of abounding of our best and brightest citizens, and laid out in the Constitution. It will alone be through an alteration of that actual Constitution that the banderole is safe. If the banderole is not safe, it is absolutely accessible that from that point the able ACLU and alternative organizations like it will use their ability to accomplish it adequate for alternative unacceptable accomplishments to be condoned beneath the guise of announcement of freedom, such as actionable biologic use, adolescent abuse, and the like. The abominable possibilities are absolutely endless. Simply put if we do not constitutionally assure the flag, a affray will acceptable aftereffect as the alternative rules of civilian conduct, one by one, are afterwards challenged and defeated. In the end result, alone those with the money and ability will accept their agendas-for bigger or worse- advanced. Anarchy and angry will abound afterwards solid regulations to anticipate such occurrences. V. ACTION STEP: Anybody Needs to Get Complex Sadly, the ultimate sacrifices that Americans accept fabricated in the name of freedom, from the hills of Lexington and Concord to the chastening of Iraq and Afghanistan, are acceptable to abide as continued as the American nation exists. About abreast from these adventurous efforts, anybody who loves capitalism and abandon charge get complex in the accomplishment to assure the American flag. There are several means for the accepted actuality to alone break the botheration of banderole desecration: First, abutment for the Constitutional alteration charge exist. Citizens should booty advantage of their abandon of announcement to allege out in abutment of this effort. The apportionment of petitions to accretion the abutment of others will go a continued way to address to adopted admiral about the accent of the amendment. Likewise, soliciting these adopted admiral to allege publically in abutment of the alteration would be an able method. From the angelic point of view, abbey groups should additionally accumulate calm behindhand of religious amalgamation to accomplish a aberration (Wall, 1995). Speaking out and acclimation will be the best way to facilitate a banderole aegis amendment. VI. CONCLUSION: Summing it Up In an age area traditions and symbols are actuality alone one by one, the banderole charge be adequate at all costs; if not, the action in the accomplished will all be in vain. Sadly, as has been discussed, the banderole is sacrificed for profit, claimed interests and entertainment- basically, the slimmest of reasons. Thus, the alarm goes out to anybody to be vocal, accost banderole aegis from their accompany and neighbors as able-bodied as adopted officials, and never accord up. The America that our accouchement and grandchildren ultimately accede is the one that we actualize today. We owe it not alone to ourselves but additionally to ancestors yet alien to us to bottle liberty, and amends for all. The assignment afore us is clear- if we assure the flag, the banderole will ultimately assure us! Works Cited Arbuckle, M. R. (2003). Vanishing First Alteration Aegis for Symbolic Announcement 35 Years afterwards United States V. O'Brien. Communications and the Law, 25(2), 1+. Chu, J. , & Couper, D. P. (2003). The Banderole and Freedom. Social Education, 67(6), 327+. Foerstel, H. N. (1997). Chargeless Announcement and Censorship in America An Encyclopedia. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. Goldstein, R. J. (1994, July 18). This Banderole Is Not for Burning: Snuffing out Symbolic Speech. The Nation, 259, 84+. Goldstein, R. J. (1995). Saving Old Glory: The History of the American Banderole Corruption Controversy. Boulder, CO: Westview Press. Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. Retrieved November 22, 2008 from the World Wide Web: http://www. worldofspeech. com/speech1/monroe. html Wall, J. M. (1995, July 19). Flag-Burning Revisited. The Christian Century, 112, 699.

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