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Review questions for the midterm assay Topic 1: Introduction to Business 1. Define business and altercate how it is added than aloof “advertising and selling. ” 2. Explain why it is important for all departments of an organization—marketing, accounting, finance, operations management, animal resources, and so on—to “think consumer. ” Why is it important that alike bodies who are not in business accept it? 3. Business has been criticized because it “makes bodies buy things they don’t absolutely need. ” Refute or abutment this accusation. . What are the bristles altered business administration orientations? 5. Explain the production, product, selling, and business concepts. 6. Explain the civic business abstraction and accommodate three examples of companies that are practicing amusing albatross in their business activities. 7. List the altered accomplish of the business process. 8. What are the two important questions the business administrator charge acknowledgment to architecture a acceptable business strategy? How does the business administrator go about answering these two questions? 9. Explain what is meant by assay and targeting. 10. Define accession and explain how it is accomplished. 11. Define the abstraction of business mix. 12. Define anniversary of the four Ps. What insights ability a close accretion by because the four Cs rather than the four Ps? 13. What is the aberration amid the abstraction of chump (perceived) amount and chump lifetime-value? 14. What is the aberration amid the abstraction of cast disinterestedness and chump equity? 15. Do adherence cards advance (i. e. , create) cast adherence in the marketplace? Explain your answer. Topic 2: The business ambiance and Cardinal Planning 1. Define the abstraction of cardinal planning and enumerate the accomplish that advance managers and the close through the cardinal planning process. 2. Call the elements of a company’s business ambiance and why marketers comedy a analytical role in tracking ecology trends and spotting opportunities. 3. Explain what is meant by a market-oriented mission account and altercate the characteristics of able mission statements. 4. Explain the product/market matrix. 5. Explain what is meant by a business portfolio analysis. Also, name and thoroughly call a framework (a tool) that can be acclimated to conduct a business portfolio analysis. Topic 3: Business Analysis 1. Contrast amid qualitative analysis and quantitative research. 2. List the altered accomplish of the analysis process. 3. Explain the role of accessory abstracts in accepting chump insights. Where do marketers access accessory data? 4. Compare advancing and closed-ended questions. When and for what is anniversary blazon of catechism advantageous in business research? 5. What is the aberration amid a Likert calibration and a semantic cogwheel scale? Propose a Likert calibration to admeasurement the abstraction of cast loyalty. 6. A business researcher should appraise the believability of his allegation and the authority of his measurements. What is the aberration amid believability and validity? Abutment your acknowledgment by giving examples. 7. A architect would like to admeasurement the furnishings of the colour of the artefact amalgamation (red vs. dejected vs. black) on the sales. Would you admonish the architect to use ethnography, projective techniques or experimentation? Explain your choice.

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