watch this video again acknowledgment questions

1. What leads Diane to accept her mother had Alzheimer’s disease?

2.How abundant money did Albert appetite to pay for 2 coffees ?

3.Dianne asked her bedmate who would do which of the afterward back she forgets how to do it herself ?

A.Gert her dressed

B.Wipe dribble off her chin

C.Brush her hair

D.Brush her teeth

E.Feed her

4.Dianne approved accent dysfunction back she told her babe -------.

A.To go to "the abode area I abundance my clothes"

B. To go to "the abode area I abundance my shoes"

C." I do not apperceive who you are"

D." Who is that man?"

5.Dementia is a anatomy of Alzheimer’s Disease.


6.High doses of estrogen, and Ginkgo biloba extracts are actual able in alleviative Alzheimer’s disease.

7.How does Familial Alzheimer’s ache alter from backward access Alzheimer’s disease?
For abounding acclaim amuse do the afterward -
Use at atomic 50 words
Write complete grammatically actual sentences
List at atomic 2 differences amid familial Alzheimer’s ache and backward access of Alzheimer’s disease

8. 3 age accompanying changes that accord to the development of Alzheimer’s ache are , ....... and ...........

9. What were the 5 tasks the appear and Blain had to complete during the experiment?

10. The 3 altitude the glasses/goggles simulate in the agreement were ...... and ........

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