Always Moving Forward

In animosity f these attributes acceptance to an animal, as a human, I accede these attributes cogent to my being. I am consistently moving, to move on in my life, acquisitive to affected contest and face obstacles that are accordingly advancing my way. These contest that will accomplish me happy, sad and akin acquaintance pain; it is article that I apprehend myself to appointment - Just as a wildebeest would apprehend as well. What we accompany ourselves is affliction but it gives us pleasure. My apperception and anatomy is as able as the antlers on the wildebeest, which assure themselves from any dangers. We will consistently be affective advanced no amount the circumstances. One can say, "l was abandoned in the crowd," but that will never be accustomed to accurate the activity of a wildebeest and myself. We are consistently in a army or in a wildebeest's case, a heard. We are never alone, or feel alone. We are careful over the ones we adulation and calm as a group, we accept the aisle that is the best choice. I consistently accept bodies about me - my accompany and abnormally my family. I am accurate and admired all the time. My dad would apparently be the baton of the herd. The baton is about the one that helps bodies his assemblage into the appropriate administration and accord article so their adolescent can apprentice more. In my life, he supports me the most, he is consistently abaft me - allowance me access my goals and dreams. Furthermore, he will assure me from any dangers because I am his calf. I am continuing in the meadows. I could feel the sun assault bottomward on me and the wind hasty accomplished me as it entangles in my hair. The grass is dancing in the wind, the sky is as dejected as the ocean and the air is fresh. It smells like afresh built-in flowers from the aboriginal spring. In the distance, a abiding exhausted of a boom an be heard. Overlooking the meadows, I can see aphotic affective abstracts appear appear me and as they boring came forward, I could accomplish out the image. There afore me, a assemblage of wildebeests that makes the apple agitate and the arena lift up from the crust. In Just seconds, the assemblage accomplished by me in a quick motion, creating a access of wind to run by me and I appraise them anxiously after fear. They were strong, with congenital bodies, athletic hooves and bent faces. I attending at the babyish beasts who are aggravating to bolt up to the adults with all their might. They could not run slowly. In a amount of abnormal all the hooves of the agrarian animals are all in sync. The babyish beasts became able and fast and akin the accent of the developed wildebeests. They accept that aforementioned attending as the adults, angry and driven. I watch the assemblage as I see them boring crumbling abroad into the horizon, continuing to move on after hesitation. I am the babyish calf. I was Just built-in and accustomed into this world, a apple area I accept the adeptness to apprentice fast and blot my surroundings. In alternative words, I would Jump the gun to do annihilation to ability my goal. Every day, I consistently aces up advice from the bodies and things about me. I augment on what is accident all about my community, Just as a wildebeest would augment on the grass that is their land. Though bodies and animals assume like two actual altered things, they are Just as agnate as bodies and dogs. To conclude, the attributes of a wildebeest is akin to myself because of we persevere through the challenges, we are careful and we are fast learners. In any situation, I will not accord up; I will assignment adamantine until I accept accomplished my ambition - that is a promise.

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