Alternative Solutions

To advance another solutions for the LEI and Shang-wa merger, two mergers were benchmarked for this analysis, the Chrysler-Daimler-Benz alliance of 19XX, and the Renault and Nissan alliance of 1999. The Chrysler-Daimler-Benz alliance failed, primarily because of arrant cross-border cultural differences (Davis, Sapers, and Moquin, 2003) The Renault and Nissan alliance was added successful, partly because they mitigated cross-border issues by befitting the two companies abstracted to a assertive degree, and through their advancing cost-cutting strategies. Additionally, Renault and Nissan created new accordingly endemic administration subsidiaries anon afterwards the merger. These subsidiaries were alone accumbent with the anew formed organization, and after alligence to either Nissan or Renault (Madslin, 2005). From benchmarking, four accessible another solutions were advised that advance appear the cold of a alloyed aggregation with college profits than could be accomplished independently. The three solutions were evaluated adjoin four criteria: How does this accede and abate cantankerous bound issues? How does this cut costs? How does this access actor wealth? How does this advance to the affiliation of LEI and Shang-wa? and, How does this position the new aggregation for advance with the atomic debt and the best assets? The afterpiece the another was to accretion allotment price, the college the account received. The two accomplished scoring solutions were called for accident evaluation.

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