Alternative Healing Paper: Humor Therapy

Topic: Humor/Laughter Therapy  Individual projects will be presentations about a affair associated with Alternative Healing modalities      from the a provided affair list. The      student is to baddest one anatomy of Alternative healing (Humor therapy)  and acquaintance it      himself or herself or account an alone that has. A 3-5 folio      professionally accounting essay, afterward APA 6th copy      guidelines, charge be submitted above-mentioned to presentation.  You can youtube it, analysis it or do a amusement analysis exercise online and abject the cardboard off of that. · Information included should abide of: · 1) Explanation and accomplishments of the therapy. Include accurate affirmation to aback your statements. Cite them appropriately. · 2) Why analysis was chosen  · 3) Explain/discuss experience  · 4) Link acquaintance to classroom acquirements and/or text.  ·  Please accommodate a 3-5 folio (content) accounting address in APA architecture for allocation to the adviser via BB. Three sources should be cited on a advertence folio and in argument citation. 

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