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Australian History Glossary: Australia in the Vietnam War Era Subject Specific Terminology Place the afterward agreement abutting to their actual analogue in the table below: Democracy, Robert Menzies, Domino Theory, Arms Race, ANZUS Pact, Capitalism, Ho Chi Minh, Moratorium, Communism, Soviet Union, Viet Cong, SEATO, Indochina, Propaganda, Vietnamisation, Edward ‘Gough’ Whitlam, Political Asylum, Defoliant, Viet Minh, ‘Reds beneath the bed’, Lyndon B. Johnson, Guerrilla Warfare, Cold War, Conscientious Objector, Veteran Pacifists, Conscription, the Petrov Affair, Term Analogue | Australia’s longest confined Prime Minister. He was in appointment for 17 years and represented the advanced party| | Anti antipathetic accord formed amid Australia, New Zealand and the United States in 1951. | | Refers to Australia’s abhorrence of Communism. Australians were afraid because abounding of the countries in South East Asia were acceptable Antipathetic and that meant that we could face problems in the future. Some bodies were alike afraid that Australia could become a Antipathetic country, with some Australians abutting antipathetic parties. | A political affair involving Antipathetic Russian spies in Australia. In 1954, Vladimir Petrov, a Russian agent gave himself up as a spy and asked if he could alive in Australia if he promised to accord up the names of alternative Russian Spies active here. His wife, Evdokia, was not accustomed the aforementioned analysis and was affected to acknowledgment to Russia with Russian badge (KGB). | | Union of Soviet Socialist Republics which was a accumulation of Antipathetic countries led by Russia. | | A arrangement of government in which there is chargeless and according accord by the bodies in the political accommodation authoritative process. | The aggregate name accustomed for the above French colonies of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. It is amid on a peninsular amid India and China. | | Economic arrangement in which businesses are abreast endemic and operated for profit. | | South-East Asia Accord Organisation, the anti antipathetic accord bond the US, Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines and Thailand from 1954. It was attenuated in 1974. | | Economic arrangement in which, in theory, abundance is aggregate appropriately and the agency of production, distribution, and barter are frequently shared. | Conflict amid the antipathetic led East, led by the Soviet Union, and the non-communist West led by the USA, afterwards 1945. | | Australian Prime Minister who withdrew Australian troops from the Vietnam War. He was in appointment from 1972-1975 and represented the Australian Labor Party. | | Person who refuses to activity on moral or ethical grounds. | | The active application of men into the armed forces| | Anti Vietnam War beef in which the bodies chock-full assignment to articulation their disapproval adjoin the war. | | A actinic that causes leaves to abatement off trees. It was acclimated by the USA in bombing campaigns in the Vietnam War. | Protection accepted to an alone who defects from one country to another. | | Information advance to actuate the admirers to accept a accurate point of appearance of action. | | Enlisted bodies who had served in Vietnam but alternate with anti-war views. | | The acceptance of non-communist nations that if South Vietnam fell to Communism so to would accessible nations in south east Asia. | | Small calibration hit and run warfare by adaptable groups who ambuscade their adversary application bound technology. This was acclimated acutely finer by the Viet Cong in the Vietnam War. | South Vietnamese antipathetic sympathisers angry the USA, its allies and the South Vietnamese Army in the Vietnam War. | | An American action of gradually abandoning troops from the Vietnam War. | | Leader of the Viet Minh. He died in 1969, six years afore the abatement of Saigon (now accepted as Ho Chi Minh City. | | Antipathetic led civic liberation movement. Based in North Vietnam, it was formed in 1941 to activity for Vietnam’s independence. | | Competition amid nations in the architecture up of aggressive resources. | | President of USA during the Vietnam War. He visited Australia in 1966 and the byword “All the way with LBJ” was coined. |

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