Allowable Costs under a Federal Grant

  Imagine that you assignment for an auditing close assuming a bounded government audit.  The government has accustomed federal admission funding. The analysis administrator on the assurance has asked you to accomplish the all-important research, reviewing the afterward costs answerable to the federal admission in adjustment to actuate whether or not they are allowable. Those costs include: travel to a appointment overseas, the primary purpose of which is the broadcasting of abstruse information employee recreational activities and counseling services charges for advance admonition incurred to enhance assets from investments lobbying activities undertaken to access a grant depreciation insurance Required: What certificate will you analysis to actuate whether the costs can be allowed? Write a abbreviate announcement to certificate your assessment about whether these costs would be acceptable aberrant costs to be recovered in allotment by federal grants.  If assertive limitations or blueprint charge be met for allow-ability, agenda them in your memo. Submit your responses to the requirements aloft in a 2 folio certificate in MS Word. Label anniversary catechism clearly. APA format. For computations, amuse accommodate them in a table. For accounting answers, amuse accomplish abiding your responses are able-bodied accounting . 2 references, additionally accommodate addition and conclusion. 

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