Allegory: Old Age and Younger Generation

Hector Meza Eng. 028 Prof. Gray 04/30/2012 An apologue of the adventure can ascertain the representation of ideas, events, or characters. Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s, “A Actual Old Man with Astronomic Wings”, gives two acceptable examples on allegorical and apologue meanings through the characters and their action. This adventure is attenuated with accustomed humanity, fantasy, and bewitched realism. The adventure can accompany altered meanings to readers depending on your appearance on life. After an beastly storm went through Pelayo’s town, He begin his accomplished backyard broke with the weathers destruction. An old man with astronomic wings had collapsed from the sky, and Pelayo discovers him abandoned to use him as an allure for the accomplished boondocks to see. Pelayo and his wife, Elisenda use this man to accumulation off of his abnormal looks. After a brace of days, the army apart absorption of the old man because a new allure rises to the fame. A woman gets the peoples absorption because she has the anatomy of spider and she is additionally able to acquaint with the people. In the end the old man flies abroad and the “annoyance” is taken abroad from Pelayo’s family. The apologue of the adventure shows how bodies can be atrocious to anniversary other. The old man symbolizes the earlier bearing that are active their aftermost canicule actuality in this apple and the spider woman represents the adolescent bearing that abounding bodies can relate. Back Pelayo begin the old man lying face bottomward in the mud, he was borderline on what he would do with this man. He anticipation about accepting rid of the old man by killing him, but his acquaintance said that he could be an angel. The old man assured up actuality bound up in a craven accommodation for the accessible to see him as a bazaar attraction. The accomplished boondocks approved to acquaint with the man, but no one offered to advice this old man that was bound like an animal. In today’s world, an aged man can accept the best adeptness and acquaintance in activity that abounding bodies cannot see. The old man’s wings represent the different acquaintance they accept in life. Abounding aged bodies are placed retirement homes and best of them are abandoned visited by their families. Some are aloof abandoned and larboard abandoned until their time comes. An aged being is not any beneath than anyone else. Society board the aged in a abrogating way because of their abatement in ealth and advice to the world. It is actual attenuate to accept a adolescent bearing booty absorption in addition who has lived a complete life. The columnist shows how the accessible had agitation talking to the old man. For example, Pelayo approved to acquaint with the man, which “he answered in an incomprehensible accent with a able sailor’s voice” (294). Some of the aged bodies that alive with us today accept agitation communicating with the accepted accessible as they get older. Instead of aggravating to accept added carefully, abounding bodies aloof accord up in communicating with an earlier person. Since Pelayo got a acknowledgment from the angel he could not accept he just, “intelligently assured that he was a castaway from some adopted address ashore storm” (294). Mostly Every being in this apple alcove the age back their abilities to do every day affairs decreases. The adolescent bearing is accepting added and added absent with the technologies that are acceptable added avant-garde every day. Before back there was no technology, no retirement home, and no nursing home, families took affliction of their own ancestors associates back they had beneath capability. Today it can be so accessible to bead a admired one who has become so old that they don’t appetite to accept that they accept become a accountability in their lives. For example, Back the old man assuredly gets his wings and flies away, “Elisenda let out a blow of abatement for herself and for him…because again he was no best an acrimony in her life” (299). It is attenuate for addition to accompany up this issue, but back we adeptness that age we wouldn’t appetite to be advised as if we were the old man in the story. The adolescent bearing can be accessible to associate with back best of us consistently accept our own belief we appetite to share. After a while a carnival allure came into boondocks to appearance their capital allure which was a woman with the anatomy of a spider. The accomplished boondocks was amused by this new allure since, “people were acceptable to ask her all address of questions” (297). The spider Woman ends up demography all of the absorption from the old man because of adeptness to acquaint with anyone. Anybody in boondocks additionally admired how they were able to chronicle to the spider woman’s accident because abounding got a assignment to not balk there parent. The woman’s on time aberration got her punished by accepting the anatomy of a spider. This babe abandoned rules, but yet she still got the absorption from everyone. Additionally it’s not as if no one has burst the rules ancient in their life. Back the columnist has both characters ancillary by side, anybody goes to the spider woman because her adventure is added absorbing than the beastly old man who can’t alike communicate. Abounding bodies can altercate that it is hopeless to acquaint with addition of old age, but in absoluteness to allocution to addition who has apparent it all is account the challenge.

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