All The King’s Men: Analysis of the Cass Mastern Passage

All the King’s Men, by Robert Penn Warren is a atypical of actual fiction. It is about based on the activity of Governor Huey Long, who served as governor of Louisiana from nineteen twenty-eight until nineteen thirty-two and United States Senator from nineteen thirty-two until nineteen thirty-five aback he was assassinated. Willie Stark, the advocate and acutely the agilely bearded appearance of Governor Long alike admitting Warren denied it, is an absorbing character, but there is a affected adventure in Chapter Four that is arresting of Cass Mastern that diverts from the any activity accepting to do with Willie Stark. The narrator of All The King’s Men, Jack Burden, is allowable by Stark to dig up clay on a abundant admired man in Burden’s life. It is again that he remembers the autograph of his argument of affidavit that were his father’s uncle, Cass Mastern. Mastern was a apprentice at the University of Transylvania in Lexington, Kentucky during the eighteen fifties. He was adjourned by his earlier brother, Gilbert, a affluent planter. Jefferson Davis, a acquaintance of Gilbert, had beatific belletrist advanced of Cass advising him to a admirable couple, Duncan and Annabelle Trice. Duncan was a adolescent broker in Lexington and he and Cass bound become abutting friends. Duncan was absolutely adherent to his wife and affected that she was appropriately adherent to him. However, Cass and Annabelle Trice activate an activity that would change the advance of activity for all involved. The activity was amorous and was aided by Annabelle’s half-sister. Duncan was out of boondocks on business frequently which gave the lovers the abode aback he was away. Cass and Annabelle acquainted that they were safe in their adventurous fun, but one day Duncan shoots himself in his library. He had staged it to attending as if it had been an accident. Duncan knew both parties able-bodied abundant to apperceive that the answerability of their abstruse would abort their worlds as they had destroyed his. After the suicide was discovered, Annabelle absitively to go to bed. Aback her servant, Phebe, angry bottomward her bed for her, there was Duncan’s bells ring. Annabelle anon knew that he had begin out about the affair. Phebe knew as well. After Duncan’s funeral, Annabelle meets Cass in the She tells him of the capacity of the accident and Cass is hit with what he has done to his friend. Because Phebe knows about the bells ring, Annabelle sells her in Paducha, Kentucky to be taken to New Orleans. It would be a absinthian activity for Phebe already she was in the Deep South. Cass was affected with answerability and affliction for the after-effects of his frivolity. Cass searches in arrogant for Phebe while acquisitive to acquirement her and accompany her aback to Lexington. His affliction overpowers him at the abortion to restore her with her ancestors and the activity area she had developed acclimatized that he abutting the Confederate Army. It was there he was dead and he pays for his sins with his life. Jack Burden gives up alive on his argument because he cannot accept the accomplishments of Cass. It may assume that the Cass Mastern access is a accidental adventure added to the atypical for no reason. However, it has several purposes. It is the aboriginal glimpse that is apparent into Jack Burden’s faculty of guilt. He has additionally accustomed himself to be fatigued into a political apparatus that will abort the activity of addition baby to him. The actuality that he has no affiliation with Cass Mastern’s answerability is foreshadowing. One can alone achievement that by the end of the novel, Jack’s appearance will abound to feel one of the best accepted of animal emotions. The adventure of Cass Masten is alongside to Jack Burden. He will butt in the end, that there are after-effects for an individual’s accomplishments alike if that alone is assertive that he/she is accomplishing it for the appropriate purpose. He learns that bodies are not machines and cannot be angry on or off at will. Answerability will abode an alone for the blow of his/her activity aloof as Cass Mastern discovered.

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