Aligarh Movement – Essay

Syed Ahmad Khan was the aboriginal man to alpha a ameliorate movement amid the Muslims. This movement was accepted as the Aligarh Movement. To him Quran was the alone accurate scripture for Islam and all alternative Islamic writings are accessory and misnomer. For the assurance of the Muslim association in India, he capital to advance affable affiliation amid the Muslims and the Bruisers. Further, he capital to accommodate avant-garde apprenticeship to the Muslims. For educating the Muslim society, Ahmad Khan accustomed an English Medium School at Ghazipur in 1864. Later on he accustomed 'Vegan Samaj' for advice English books to admit accurate ability to the Muslims. To materialise his dream, he accustomed Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College at Aligarh which developed into Aligarh University in 1890, thus, the Aligarh movement was active in overextension western apprenticeship amid the Muslims and developing religious fundamentalism aural them. For accomplishing that end, he organized a Mohammedan Educational Conference which fostered accord amid the Muslims and advance western apprenticeship amid them. Taking adventitious of it, Theodore Back, the aboriginal arch of the Mohammedan Anglo Oriental College and his almsman Mr. Morrison advance communalism amid the accomplished Muslims. The Aligarh Movement was active in the social, bread-and-butter and educational advance of the Muslims in India. Due to the advantage of the Hindus in the civic awakening, Ahmad Khan launched this movement to aegis the Muslim interest. Being acutely afflicted by the western apprenticeship and culture, Ahmad Khan capital to acclivity appear the English administrators of India and brash the Muslims to abide loyal to the British authority. In 1893, he formed the Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental Defense Association of. India and bound its administration alone to the Muslims. By this, he capital to accumulate the Muslims abroad from politics. Syed Ahmad Khan additionally against the All India Congress. Thus, the Aligarh Movement fabricated the Muslim fundamentalism strong. The Bruisers capitalized this by sowing the seeds of communalism amid the Muslims and followed their assumption 'divide and rule' to defended their position in India.

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