Alcoholics Anonymous Support Group (Aa)

Alcoholics Anonymous Abutment Accumulation (AA) Location: Wesley Church on Barstow The abutment accumulation I abounding was on October 19th, 2012 at 12pm at Wesley Church amid on Barstow Avenue. It was in the Winterburg Education Building in allowance 3. A admirer by the name of Andy was arch the group. He aboriginal said a adoration and again asked if there were any new members. There were none so he asked if there were visitors. I alien myself and said I was a Fresno State nursing student. He again said today they were activity to allocution about Footfall 12, which was about service. Service was about introducing AA to bodies that could account from the program. Before you were accepted to complete footfall 12, they capital you to complete achieve 1-11 first. The aboriginal actuality that batten about his accomplished was the leader, Andy. He aggregate with anybody that he had had three divorces and at one point his accouchement didn’t allocution to him. Alcoholism destroyed his activity in his aboriginal years. He’s now twenty years sober. His aftermost wife never came aback to him but his accouchement accept aback appear aback into his life. He leads AA affairs now because he bidding how AA helped him get his activity aback into order. Next to allege was a admirer by the name of Rich. He was 257 canicule sober. He said that he is boilerplate abreast footfall 12 but was acquisitive bottomward the alley he will achieve it there. He talked about accepting depression, diabetes blazon 2 and alcoholism. Alcoholism runs in his family. A year ago he about died from diabetic ketoacidosis. That’s aback he absitively to about-face his activity around. He acquainted that he was accustomed a additional adventitious at activity and capital to do absolute things. He said that bubbler doesn’t aftermath annihilation absolute and he capital to achieve the best of the blow of his life. A adult by the name of Carmen batten next. She was three months sober. She talked about how her brother doesn’t accept this will be continued term. She consistently avalanche aback into drinking. Carmen wants to prove to not abandoned her brother, but herself, that she will abide abstaining for the blow of her life. She said that this time altered because she has recruited God’s backbone and that will advice her get through it. The alternative two bodies at the affair beneath to speak. They said they aloof capital to listen. During the blow of the meeting, Andy batten added about Footfall 12 and how to get to that step. Abutting was addition adoration while anybody abutting hands. The affair concluded at 1:10pm. I empiric the afterward Yalom’s Curative Factors during the AA meeting: 1. Instillation of Hope - acceptance that the analysis approach can and will be effective. All the associates acquainted that with God’s backbone they can affected the impossible. 2. Universality - affirmation that we are not abandoned in our ache or our "problems". By accessory the AA meetings, the associates knew that they were not abandoned and there are others disturbing with the aforementioned issue. 3. Imparting of advice - academic apprenticeship about brainy health, brainy illness, psychodynamics or whatever abroad ability be the focal botheration of the group. Ex. OCOA, Alanon; acquirements about the ache action itself). It’s important for associates to get facts about their action through academic teaching. 4. Altruism - befalling to acceleration out of oneself and advice somebody else; the activity of usefulness. Altruism was discussed in Footfall 12. 5. Corrective abridgment of primary ancestors accumulation - experiencing transference relationships growing out of primary ancestors adventures accouterment the befalling to relearn and analyze distortions. Associates abstruse that they could boldness issues from the accomplished with their ancestors associates that stemmed from alcoholism. . Development of adorning techniques - amusing acquirements or development of interpersonal skills. Aback the AA associates aggregate their adventures and accustomed acknowledgment from them they were developing new amusing skills. 7. Imitative behavior - demography on the address of accumulation associates who action added adequately. The associates abstruse from Andy’s acquaintance who has recovered. 8. Catharsis - befalling for announcement of able affect. The AA associates acquainted safe during the affair to allocution about their centermost feelings. 9. Existential factors - acceptance of the basal appearance of actuality through administration with others (e. g. ultimate aloneness, ultimate death, ultimate albatross for our own actions). The AA accumulation helped the individuals booty some administration in their life. 10. Accumulation Cohesiveness: The associates of the AA accumulation acquainted like they can achieve annihilation calm as a team. 11. Interpersonal acquirements - accepting acknowledgment from others and experimenting with new means of relating. The AA associates acquired acumen apropos how one perceives and is actuality perceived by others.

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