Airbnb and Ebay Are Similar in That Both Companies

1. Airbnb and eBay are agnate in that both companies run online marketplaces that ‘match’ buyers with sellers. How should Airbnb’s acceptability arrangement alter from that of eBay? Although both Airbnb and eBay accommodate online marketplaces to bout buyers and sellers, Airbnb focuses on one specific area: online exchange for apartment admitting eBay runs online marketplaces in a abundant broader scope, from Fashion items electronics all the way to collectibles, in alternative words, the affairs accident on eBay accustomed are accompanying to about every bend of our circadian life. More specifically, Airbnb's chump abject can be narrowed bottomward to hosts (sellers) and guests (buyers) appropriately while eBay serves anybody who performs online transactions. Also, in abounding cases eBay affairs occurred back the buyers purchased accurate merchandises from the sellers while Airbnb marketplaces are for basic casework accommodations. A lot of capacity can be put in abode to call accurate merchandises but it is abundant harder to do so for annual like "virtual" commodities. The best absolute appulse of such differences apropos to the acceptability arrangement is that we charge to booty into annual the appropriate needs of Airbnb's appropriate chump abject in accession to what authority accurate to both eBay and Airbnb barter in general: bodies who accomplish online affairs and selling. Some of the issues mentioned in the 2011 cardboard may accept been anchored but the beneath statements are based on the description of 2011 cardboard for Airbnb. 1. Back it comes to accommodations, we apperceive the bedfellow wants to apperceive if the allowance the host acquaint satisfies his/her needs. Airbnb should accommodate a aloof arrangement to rank the houses/apartments based on some accepted criteria. The host can absolutely blow about how acceptable of the abode is (e. g. area abutting to adjacent grocery stores) but alone those houses/apartments that amuse the Airbnb standards can be "certified". For example, in accession to the cardinal of positive/negative feedbacks a host received, Airbnb can additionally appoint absolute board to ensure the apartment the hosts affirmation to accommodate do in actuality accept all the accent options available. This will access the operational bulk for Airbnb but will advice the guests accretion abundant greater aplomb on the -to-be accommodations. On the alternative hand, the hosts are additionally acquisitive to accomplish abiding the guests will behave appropriately while they break in the hosts' properties. In accession to the accomplished annal of stays that the guests accept fabricated in Airbnb, Airbnb can additionally assignment with ally (such as biking agencies, auberge chains, acclaim history analysis agencies) to get added advice about the guests. Airbnb can additionally authority assertive bulk of money during the break of the bedfellow and absolution the money if the host confirms no accident happened or such. In fact, befitting the house/apartment in acceptable action should be one of the accepted acknowledgment items that the host can accommodate to the guest. 2. To accomplish the acceptability arrangement works better, the acknowledgment on both hosts and guests should be connected (the acknowledgment providers are absolutely acceptable to accommodate added comments though) rather than free-formed so that added cold appraisal can be made. . An accolade and amends action can be chip into the acceptability arrangement so "good" hosts and guests will be awarded (e. g. advantageous beneath Airbnb fees or banknote rewards) and "bad" ones will be penalized (e. g. advantageous added Airbnb fees all the way to abolish accounts). This added allurement can advice actuate both hosts and guests do bigger whenever they can. 4. Airbnb needs to accommodate a anguish chargeless appraisal action for both hosts and guests. Specifically, the hosts alternate to accord abrogating feedbacks to the guests as the guests may in about-face accommodate abrogating feedbacks to the hosts as well. The above applies back the guests are accouterment feedbacks to the hosts. Some abstruse way can anticipate this from happening. For example, a bedfellow can alone see the acknowledgment from the host afterwards the bedfellow auspiciously submitted his/her acknowledgment to the above host. In summary, instead of commutual the transaction appropriate afterwards the client paid the money, the Airbnb transaction should aftermost during the accomplished advance from the time a bedfellow submits the adaptation appeal to the time the feedbacks from both hosts and guests accept been submitted and approved. Such long-living transaction aspect should be reflected in the acceptability arrangement so that anniversary date of the transaction is able-bodied authentic and able-bodied evaluated. The acceptability arrangement can become added reliable if the above accomplish are implemented.

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