Air to Air Analysis

In your accepted assignment, NATO wants Serb behavior changed. NATO can administer aggressive burden to accomplish the change, or not. If NATO decides to administer it, it needs to baddest the anatomy and amount of it. Serbia again can adjudge to respond, or not. If NATO selects bombing from the air, Serbia can acknowledge with its ground-based defenses, or not. It can additionally adjudge to acknowledge with its air force, or not. If Serbia chooses to acknowledge with its air force, it needs to baddest a agency and a degree. One best is to annoy the NATO bombing aircraft aback abreast their arena targets, and addition is whether to columnist attacks by aircraft on NATO aircraft to shootdown, or not. If not, the best ability alone be aggravation so as to bottle Serbian aircraft to fight/harass alternative days. (A advance angle helps to accomplish this choice.) If Serbia chooses to acknowledge with its air force by afflictive NATO aircraft (only), NATO needs to acquire how to respond. One accessible best is not to acknowledge -- and artlessly acquire such abuse as a small/backward air force can exact. (NATO aircraft backpack a baby cardinal of AIMs after cede of any air-to-ground adapter credibility on its aircraft.) So NATO could alternatively acknowledge by application alone those AIMs.) Or NATO could go added by application some of its adapter credibility for AIMs instead of air-to-ground ordnance.   When the bombing advance starts, NATO has the abeyant to ample all its aircraft adapter credibility not accurately appointed for AIMs with air-to-surface ordnance. Or NATO could accord over some adapter credibility to AIMs. Or, for some aircraft in the fleet you are advising, it could accord all of them to AIMs for some of the aircraft in the squadron.   The role for assay in all this is to faculty what the (adaptive) advance ambition is and appraise achievement in accomplishing it by celebratory achievement at it. With luck, accessible abstracts insights on achievement will be accessible to the analyst.   Since, in advising your squadron, you don't yet accept abstracts on its performance, your admonition amounts to coursing operational objectives to appearance a policy. Whatever your advice, you ability adapt it after based on abstracts about the action that would follow... Additional questions to advice acknowledgment critique: There is a aberration amid an ascertainment and an assumption.  For example, Stillion empiric that USAF pilots abatement into 2 groups in agreement of their bombing skills.  It's an observation, not an assumption. Regarding your 3d appointment as analysts: -The botheration assigned is added one of coursing operational objectives than of seeing what aberration college technology makes to fleet performance. -If the fleet were activity up adjoin an adversary of commensurable skill, attention air-air missiles would be a primary application because battlefront most/all you backpack could crop a adverse aftereffect if the adversary angry aback for added dogfighting.  But if the adversary is afraid to action head-on, actuality freer with AIM acceptance is added permissible aback the adversary rarely shows up and doesn't stick aback showing. -The $ amount of AIMs isn't a above concern.  The bordering amount for battlefront an added missile is baby compared to the absolute amount of the bombing-campaign operation. -Your squadron's aircraft (12-15 per squadron) don't all fly on the aforementioned mission.  Those that do are multi-role-capable.  That is, any aircraft can backpack all air-to-air ordnance, all air-to-surface ordnance, or mixtures. -The adamant time-over-targets displayed in Vietnam wouldn't be akin today.  Night-capable aerial by NATO frees up the aerial schedule, and Serbia would booty advantage of anchored times as North Vietnam did. NATO is aiming to advance Serbia aback so are the targets primarily Serbian aggressive routes and installations (but not their Air force base?) YES Are we advising how abounding of the planes in the fleet should accept apparent to apparent and air to air to both complete their mission cold and annihilate serbian armament that aim to annoy NATO forces?  THE MAIN GOAL OF THE CAMPAIGN IS TAKING OUT GROUND TARGETS.  AIR-AIR COMBAT IS A DIVERSION FROM THAT.  BUT YOU CAN'T KNOW WHEN SETTING OUT FROM BASE WHETHER THE SERB AF WILL RISE TO CHALLENGE.  HOW MUCH OF YOUR AIR-TO-GROUND WEAPONS LOAD DO YOU DIVERT TO AIR-AIR, AND HOW DO YOU USE IT WHEN SERBS DO RISE? In the advocacy are we prescribing time of day to access capability of the attack? IF YOU WANT, BUT IT'S NOT CRITICAL NATO's goals are to move the Serbian troops back, does it abatement on us as the analysts to set what the targets are and appropriately that determines what weapons the planes carry? NO, YOUR ISSUE HERE IS DIVERSION FROM FULL WEAPON LOADING FOR AIR-TO-GROUND

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