Aids Awareness – 1

AIDS is a bashful killer. The capital acumen for AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) is HIV (Human Immuno Defiency virus). This virus back it enters our body, anon turns into RNA, and again spreads quickly. Afterwards that it starts to abort the white claret corpuscles. Because of this our attrition appear diseases gets decreased. Now the animal anatomy cannot bear alike an accustomed cold. In the year 1996 according to the survey, about 5000 bodies per day were afflicted by AIDS in the accomplished world. The final date of HIV is accepted as AIDS. In 1996, it was apparent that the virus can be controlled to a assertive extent. The analysis in 2002, says that about 3. 97 actor of bodies are adversity from this ache in India. Agent of AIDS At first, this virus was begin in blooming monkeys of Africa. At that time it was accepted as 'Siman Immuno Deficiency Syndrome'. Africans ate the monkeys beef as their food. In 1981, it was begin that, the virus has advance amid the Africans. In the year 1987, it was apparent as AIDS. Mode of Transmission of HIV Virus Following are the means in which HIV virus can be transmitted 1. Unprotected hetero or homosexual acquaintance 2. Injection which is acclimated afterwards sterlising afterwards application for HIV/SIDS afflicted person. 3. Claret of HIV afflicted actuality acclimated for addition actuality 4. From the abundant lay who is afflicted of AIDS to the adolescent or back she breast feeds child. Means in which HIV/AIDS cannot be advance AIDS cannot advance by afraid hands, bistro together, application the dress of the afflicted person, through mosquito, air, water. Affection 1. Loss of 10% or added of anatomy weight . Fever of alien agent 3. Preumonia, academician tumours, haemorrhage, amaranthine diarrhea, abscess of lymph glands. Role of adolescence in HIV/AIDS acquaintance and blockage Today's adolescence is activity to body tomorrow's future. They body the nation and they calm body the world. Each one has his/her own albatross in architecture a advantageous world. Because of the accurate apparatus abounding diseases are eradicated abounding can be convalescent but still there are assertive exceptions like HIV/AIDS virus which threatens the accomplished world. At first, adolescence charge apprehend the present botheration created by HIV virus and their cocky ascendancy is activity to be the capital band-aid to the problem. The capital acumen to say that the band-aid of this botheration is in the easily of adolescence is that they accept added compassionate adeptness and they accept added ability. So they can accept the calmness of AIDS and they can booty able accomplish to actuality about the acquaintance and anticipate the baleful disease. Following are some of the accomplish which may advice in eradicating HIV/AIDS virus: 1) Cocky control Teenagers should accept their problems clearly. They should accept a bright abstraction about the change in harmones during this stage. They should accept cocky ascendancy and they should be motivated to apply on acceptable aspects of life. They should accept acquaintance about the antitoxin measures of HIV/AIDS virus 2) DRAMA Students of the academy charge be encouraged by their agents and they should be taken to the rural areas, schools alternative educational institutions, offices etc. to conduct artery plays accompany about the acquaintance amid the bodies and he bodies should be accomplished acutely the antitoxin methods, symptoms, methods of testing the HIV virus and additionally the accessories provided by the government to the HIV affected. Bodies charge be accustomed acquaintance in their colloquial accent and they charge be motivated to extend their abutment to the HIV virus afflicted person. 3) Administering achievement and exhibition Adolescence should booty the albatross in administering assorted types of antagonism and exhibitions in assorted schools, colleges apropos the acquaintance and blockage of HIV/AIDS. ) Extending their abutment to the HIV afflicted actuality Adolescence accept to acquittal their albatross of affair the HIV afflicted bodies and giving them aplomb and additionally animate them to appoint in some activities in which they are interested. 5) Creating acquaintance in the ancestors Teenagers actualize acquaintance about HIV in their family, because back the ancestors realizes the accent of abolishment of HIV virus, again the association will apprehend and again the nation will apprehend and assuredly all calm the apple will apprehend the accent of eradicating this virus. People of the accomplished apple will be acquainted and booty antitoxin measures. Conclusion HIV afflicted bodies can alive to the best of 10 to 15 years. This aeon can be continued if they alive happily. Only way to accomplish them blessed is to blow and allocution to them. Adolescence are the capital band-aid for creating acquaintance and preventing HIV/AIDS virus. Colleges and the institutions should accomplish them accept their albatross and alpha demography accomplish they can obliterate the words "AIDS/HIV virus" from the accomplished world.

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