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A motorist is application the AHP to accept a new car from three accessible models Arrow, a Bestmobile and a Commuter. The best will attributes, Amount and Style. The motorist considers that Amount is "weakly added than Style. When asked to analyze the amount of the cars, the motorist makes the afterward statements: On cost, the Bestmobile is 'weakly preferred' to the Arrow, but the Arrow is "weakly preferred' to the Commuter Also, the Bestmobile is 'extremely preferred' to the Commuter. On style, the Arrow is 'very acerb preferred' to the Bestmobile, but the Commuter is 'weakly preferred' to the Arrow. Also, the Commuter is 'extremely preferred' to the Bestmobile (a) Construct a bureaucracy to represent the accommodation problem. b) Use an adapted software package, or the approximation method, to cal culate the weights for anniversary table in the bureaucracy and appropriately actuate which car should be purchased  professor asked to acknowledgment questions  3 a  and b and  and accredit to the table in the centermost of folio 77 for some of the w h ighting factors , I accept absorbed the 77 folio and the catechism and additionally slides of the chapter  he needs the acknowledgment application excel(tables)

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