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  1 postsRe: Topic 5 DQ 2 Nurses are responsible for delivering optimal accommodating centered care, and in adjustment to so, nurses charge apostle for their patients, especially patients that cannot apostle for themselves. The commodity "Critical Care: The Role of Nurses as Accommodating Advocates," states that a nurse's role in actuality a patient advocate includes actuality communicators, liaisons, educators, interpretors, and caregivers ("Critical Care: The Role of Nurses as Accommodating Advocates," 2016). Not too continued ago I was demography affliction of an earlier accommodating who did not accept a cardiac history, and their beating kept dipping bottomward into the aerial 20's. I contacted the patient's accessory doctor three times to appearance my concern, but the accessory aloof kept adage to abide to adviser the patient. The accommodating seemed afraid as well, and didn't feel like they were accepting the able attention. Fed up with the doctor not accommodating to examine the patient, I alleged an RRT which affected the accessory doctor and alternative associates of the interdisciplinary aggregation to appraise the patient. After the RRT, it was bent that accommodating bare afterpiece ecology and they were beatific to the PCU. The doctor seemed affronted with my decision, but the nursing administrator and RRT nurse commended my efforts for advocating for the patient. Had I not accomplished the RRT, the accommodating could accept possibly accomplished cardiac arrest and/or accident of affection function.

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