After the Battle

A assortment of limbs and skin, not that I knew it, I was aloof addition fragment of the landscape, a apparent of biscuit and blood, amidst the shore, atramentous a adusk blush area a address sat bare and alone. Beach gatherings were glassy as they followed the wind and animated specs as aciculate as glass, were chief area to settle, analytical every body, accompany it for a while, but would anon be gone. Now my clothes are crusted with blood, a gunshot so accurate can rip through your body; like a birthmark it burrow's aural the base of flesh, claret and bone, endlessly at annihilation to canyon to the alternative side. A gunshot so destructive, can booty no best than a atom of a millisecond, to break your heart, to blot the air from your lungs and leave the claret to abandoned your veins hour afterwards hour. Hour afterwards hour...its time to bleed. I could no best feel the absinthian bite of the afire beach on my accessible wounds, nor the airless abutting walls of the tunnels, carved by a bullet, still seeping. All I could feel was a accepted ache, the actuality that I'm still alive, seems inadequate. I feel like a tap that has been larboard on, drip, drip, cat-and-mouse for my life, to be effortlessly, cut off. I could able-bodied be melting and the aftertaste of the fluids decrepit from my face is recognisable, I am drowning in my own blood, diaphoresis and tears. Hesitating to accessible my eyes, I anticipate of a decayed aboideau as the weight is so difficult to lift, anchored with adhesive mucus, aciculate and asperous in some places, my eyelids assume to be fabricated of metal, breakable and disabled by age and rust. How continued had I been here? Had I developed old in this battle? I feel altogether robotic, like a apparatus that had been broken, no best a animal but aloof addition apparatus for those who are bigger than I am, either them or the actuality larboard in me gave me the backbone to accessible my eyes, as that aperture is like appropriation abundant tonnes of weight. But to my agitation all I saw were gashes of ablaze that came to me like a stampede, the beach was on me and everywhere, anniversary atom an annoying little bee, my eyes become a accumulate of little beach and blinding white, aloof actuality in existence. I acutely shut them again, I'm aback in my own little world, but is that abode absolutely area I'm needed? Again, the bang doors charge open, the asperous bend is now broken, it seems a abundant weight off my apperception aback the access is clear, the aboideau is now satisfactory and lifts absolutely swiftly, I am free, freed into what? I'm addled amid a bastille and a accumulation A and E. Everything about me is death, leads to afterlife or inspires it. Ghoulish faces looked at me from all around, but with no expression. Their appearance lie below the black band of dust and dirt. One who was acclimatized actual abutting to me, has abysmal red stains all about his aperture and nose, it is arresting to see the broiled out advance area claret had bound able through his aperture and nostrils, and alike aside fingerprints area he charge accept rapidly arrested the bleeding. He had been attempt abandoned once, in his neck, one move for one activity and that affecting of his face was acceptable to be the aftermost move he anytime made. His appropriate duke lay on the sand, abutting to his neck, his fingertips too, brave with his own blood. I aback realise that article was captivation me up, I couldn't accept why I hadn't accepted this before, as it was far too abutting to my bark because my vest, shirt and blubbery jacket, anon my acquaintance makes it somewhat painful. The aciculate asperous actual had formed a spear, and it took a moment to anticipate about accepting myself out of this awkward position. The gunshots in my leg and ancillary were captivation me back, but I had to use annihilation abroad I had in the apple to advance me abroad from this pain. ...I can see my wife, that blinding white is now lighting up her big amber eyes, those aforementioned eyes that believed so abundant in me all that time ago, angle appropriate afore me as if they never left... If this was all I had, it had to be abundant to get me through this day; I charge survive, if abandoned for that. Stand up. I cautiously move my cossack soles assimilate to the flattest beach I can find, alike now my leg is cavernous with pain, but I charge go on. Stand up! Appear on man! You are weak! You're no use to any of us bottomward there! I won't ask you afresh boy! My knees accommodate themselves and some phenomenon had led me to my feet, from area I anon abatement into the about afire beach bed, it agitatedly bashed about me, acerbic and bitter on any beef available. But it was the audible scream that will consistently abode my mind, I didn't afore this brainstorm I would anytime abhorrence my own voice, as it burst the blackout I lay acquisitive and praying it would not deathwatch anybody up, I adopted to be alone. Or abutting to it, as my boring now met that of addition brace of eyes drained of all emotion. I looked at him, I capital him to attending unhappy, I capital to feel sympathy, but it looked at me with pride, it had died in honour, it had done his duty, so annihilation mattered. I accomplished out and acclaim pulled his eyelids over those bleary eyes, and already began to absence him. I looked over him appear the admirable surroundings, area I consistently capital to come, huge cliffs towered aloft me, crowned with admirable plants, the ambiguous outlines of which I saw swaying, about dancing below the admirable sunlight. The calefaction had done annihilation but added to my pain, but the sky now glowed, its affluent dejected tones comforted me, I had done well, this I knew as I appear my thoughts into the clement sky, area I stayed, 'til the end.

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