African Penguins

The affair of my address is african penguins who are additionally accepted as atramentous footed penguins . I chose this affair because through out my activity i accept apparent penguins alone in Antarctica which fabricated me aberrate how can they survive on islands. The capital characteristics are that they are 26-27 inches in acme and there weight is 4-11 pounds. There aback is atramentous atramentous and there advanced is atramentous white which has a atramentous stripe. They accept ample atramentous bill and feet. They complete like donkeys back they acquaint with anniversary other. Another absorbing haracteristics is they accept blush glands aloft anniversary eye and their boilerplate pond acceleration is 4-12 MPH. The African Penguin are begin in South Africa which is in the southern hemisphere. After penguin accept their accomplice for life, ancestry occurs throughout the year. Although the capital ancestry begins in February, Nest are complete and two eggs are laid and they bear for 38-42 days. Back the eggs bear the parents affliction for the babyish penguins for 8-18 weeks. African Penguins like to coursing in the comestible affluent algid baptize and like to eat mainly angle such as squid, anchovies and a few alternative things The aloft facts about african penguins are that they are alone begin in south bank of africa. There is no alternative abode in the apple area these penguins are found. There is no anchored ancestry division it can appear throughout the year. The enemies of penguins are sharks,killer whales and alternative alarming abyssal creatures. In cessation i actual abundant enjoyed researching about this beastly because they accept a lot of absorbing facts that the penguins in Antarctica don't have. The best absorbing actuality i abstruse was they accept blush glands aloft there eyes.

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