African Americans Lit

Directions For your acknowledgment paper, accept one of the afterward capacity from this Module’s account and altercate the appliance of the affair in the 21st century: Slavery The Harlem Renaissance Jim Crow The Black Arts Movement Questions to accede as you write: Why is the affair important to study? What appulse do you accept it has on bodies today? What absolute or abrogating appulse do you see because of the apropos bidding in your called topic? How does it add to your compassionate of African American struggles and/or contributions? Requirements: 500 Words Your assignment charge be formatted in MLA Provide affidavit back commendation from the assigned text(s). A Works Cited folio charge be included See Resources & Services for MLA information. Scroll bottomward to the MLA Basics section. No alfresco sources may be used. Submit your book in .doc or .docx Your assignment charge be submitted by the date and time on the advance agenda of the syllabus. Please try to abide your assignment advanced of borderline in case of abstruse issues.

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