African Americans and Racial Diversity

There are abounding organizations that apostle adequation for African Americans in the United States. Abounding organizations will advance the African American chase and appearance what apropos are actuality acquainted by their race. Those that apostle for their chase accord a description of how they abatement in history, what bigotry they endured and what ageism they still accept to accord with. These groups and organizations advance the abstraction to accompany bigotry to a stop in their cultures about the world. African Americans and Ancestral Equality African Americans accept fabricated their way to freedom, but accept been larboard with a abundant accountability of their ancestor’s slavery. Would they anytime be apparent as annihilation but disciplinarian brought afraid from Africa to the United States to be apprenticed and be agents to the White Man? Those questions can be answered by attractive at the history of African Americans and how they accept become abundant leaders in this country. Rosa Parks may accept not been the aboriginal Atramentous woman to accord up her bench on the bus, but she stared a alternation of contest that would eventually accompany allegory to an end. That day in 1955, Rosa Parks paved the way for bodies like Barak Obama to become the aboriginal African American President the United States has anytime had. Before that time, African Americans had endured slavery, segregation, discrimination, and ageism because of the blush of their skin. Abounding African American men fought for our country in the civilian war so they could be accustomed abandon afterwards they served. Butler (2013) stated, “the Fourteenth Amendment was added to the Constitution abandoning that acute accommodation and ensuring citizenship, with all its rights and esponsibilities, to anybody built-in in the United States behindhand of race. ” (para. 1). There accept been several political, social, and cultural issues and apropos throughout American history. Some political issues African American accept faces according to history. house. gov (2013) “Since 1870, back Senator Hiram Revels of Mississippi and Representative Joseph Rainey of South Carolina became the aboriginal African Americans to serve in Congress, a absolute of 139 African Americans accept served as U. S. Representatives or Senators. Amusing issues amid African Americans are bigotry and ageism aural the United States and beyond. Abounding are discriminated adjoin because of their race. Abounding atramentous men and women are beggared of the earning abilities of that of the White man. They accomplish beneath money and alive in abjection arresting communities. Because of slavery, abounding African Americans feel as admitting they will never been apparent according to others because of their ancestors. Until this apperception set changes, history will abide to run the account and approaching of African Americans. Some cultural issues amid the African American throughout history would be actuality accustomed into a culture. Abounding disciplinarian back freed started ample communities fabricated up of aloof Blacks. After the aforementioned apprenticeship and opportunities as White men and woman, they fell into abjection and struggled to abound as admired Americans. This permits for abomination ante to be college because they had to survive any way they could if alone by burglary to be able to live. These issues amid African American still abide today. The NAACP has fought for African American rights for generations. According to "Naacp: 100 Years Of History" (2009-2013), “The NAACP seeks to abolish all barriers of ancestral bigotry through the autonomous processes. ” (Founding Group). The accept helped abounding African American groups with their appropriate to vote because alike afterwards they were accustomed the right, abounding were still denied. The NAACP has fought forth armpit African Americans to accompany amends and rights to those bodies who formed so adamantine to become chargeless and accept according rights in the United States. The United States Supreme Court alleviated slavery, and wrote into law that ll bodies should be advised equal. They gave African Americans the appropriate to vote and be equals in their communities and states. They additionally were accustomed the appropriate to become government officials. Although these laws accept been added, bigotry and ageism still abide in the United States. The NAACP and alternative organizations accept and abide to action for the rights of African American and alternative races. Blackradicalcongress. org has a account of originations that advance blacks in our country. These groups accord abutment to African Americans and appearance the history of their culture. African Americans may backpack a abundant accountability of bullwork from their ancestors, but they accept become the staples of our culture. Through their assurance our country has afflicted to accomplish way for new opportunities for us to abound as a Nation. Every man has according befalling to accomplish change and alive a activity after bigotry and prejudice. It takes one being to appearance the apple that change can happen. Let’s accomplish a change. Let’s all alive after bigotry and amusement anybody as an according to ourselves. Reference Butler, C. (2013). The African-American Experience FROM ENSLAVEMENT TO EMANCIPATION. Retrieved from History, Art & Archives, U.S. Abode of Representatives, “Black Americans in Congress,” (July 07, 2013) NAACP: 100 Years of History. (2009-2013). Retrieved from Atramentous Organizations. (). Retrieved from

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