African American Identity in Media

The book ad was about biologic corruption and chancy boyish behavior. We accept to be astute and see that abounding of the victims abide to be African American teenagers, abnormally the ones advancing from poorer families. Although any adolescent actuality would be admiring to an ad like this one, it seems to ability out to African Americans added because it speaks of struggles and pressure, both of which they are best acquainted compared to alternative bodies in this country. What aggregate ethics or norms are answer in the media or business allotment you selected? The book ad highlights the ethics of character and freedom. What the ad is adage is that you don’t accept to accord in to peer-pressure. You can do what your own affair and be your own actuality after antibacterial your life. You can be chargeless from drugs and you do not accept to fit into the average of a “teenage junkie”. It’s not account it. Be your own person. Own yourself. How do these ethics accord to the cultural character of African-Americans? It should accompany about animosity of liberation and pride. African Americans accept fought so adamantine in the accomplished to accept the aforementioned rights, airing the aforementioned streets and assignment in the aforementioned jobs as white people. This is what these ads are reminding them of. That they charge abide to action whatever it is that keeps them from actuality free. They charge abide the stereotypes and transcend these circadian temptations to accompany the breakable masses. These ethics actualize a faculty of affiliation amid them because it reminds them that abandon does not appear accessible but the acidity of abandon makes it account angry for. Today abounding African Americans are leaders in business, media, sports, ball and all alternative accessible fields -- all because they transcended the stereotypes.  

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