Advocating for Public Health Policy – due in 22 hours – voice presentation

   Advocating for Accessible Bloom Action - (I NEED A WOMAN TO COMPLETE THIS DUE TO THE VOICE RECORDING) [WLO: 3] [CLOs: 1, 5] Prior to alpha appointment on this discussion, apprehend Chapter 8 in your textbook, and analysis Chapter 5 sections on policy. Apprehend the Stop the Global Epidemic of Chronic Disease: A Practical Adviser to Successful Advocacy. Links to an alien site.Review the Action Statements and Advancement Links to an alien site.web folio and How to Write a Bloom Action Brief. Finally, analysis the allocation explanation for allocation criteria. Imagine that you accept been called to represent a accessible bloom advancement accumulation as they activate a attack to get legislation accompanying to a bloom affair anesthetized in your accompaniment legislature. You accept been tasked with the role of presenting a proposed action to the assembly and advocating that the assembly vote for the policy. You accept been told that you will accept 10 account to present to the legislature. For this assignment, you will actualize an 8 to 10-minute presentation. Your presentation should be informative, but additionally persuasive, and be actually no best than 10 account but no beneath than 8 minutes. Your presentation can be created application Screencast-O-MaticLinks to an alien site., the camera and microphone on your computer or handheld accessory aural Canvas, or you can actualize slides application the articulation recording functions aural a presentation affairs (like PowerPoint). Instructions on how to use these accoutrement are below. Professional dress, attitude, and bright advice affairs for this assignment. The assembly will charge to accomplish a adaptation about whether or not to vote for the action based on your presentation. Your presentation should be structured absolutely as if you were “live” in advanced of the assembly advocating for them to accept the action you are proposing. For your presentation, you will charge to baddest a accessible bloom affair of absorption to you (you are encouraged to accept one accompanying to your bookish above or advised acreage of work) and a accessible bloom action accompanying to acclamation the topic. You may baddest an absolute proposed action or actualize one that you anticipate would finer abode the topic. Your presentation should accommodate abundant advice about the affair and the proposed action that a analytic accomplished administrator should be able to accomplish an abreast decision. Be abiding to accede the assorted questions that a administrator ability accept about the affair and proposed policy, such as abiding costs and benefits, abeyant furnishings on business and industry (especially those that abutment politicians’ campaigns), and how the action will abutment the bloom and abundance of accompaniment residents. Your presentation should abode anniversary of the afterward points: · Discuss the accessible bloom affair that your proposed action is advised to address. Questions to consider: o Who does this bloom affair affect? o What is the appulse of this bloom affair on the community? o Why does this bloom affair charge to be addressed? · Explain the proposed accessible bloom policy. Questions to consider: o Who will be afflicted by this policy? o How will this action abode the bloom issue? o What will change by assuming this policy? · Evaluate the impacts of the proposed policy. Questions to consider: o What are the costs and allowances of the policy? o What are the risks of assuming or not assuming the policy? o How will the lives of bodies who are afflicted by the bloom affair change if this action is enacted? · Actualize an affecting presentation that affects voting behaviors of legislators. Questions to consider: o What advice about this action would potentially affect the voting behavior of legislators from beyond the political spectrum (e.g. conservative, moderate, liberal, progressive; decidedly those who ability not abutment the action based on political orientation)? o What are the best important letters that legislators charge to apprehend about this policy? o How would the capacity of the legislators voting for this action feel about this action and a administrator who votes for it? o What advice would a administrator charge to “sell” the action to capacity who were conceivably not in favor of adopting the policy? The Advocating for Accessible Bloom Action assignment · Must be 8 to 10-minute bookish presentation recorded as a video, screencast, or application the articulation recording functions in a presentation program. · Must accommodate at atomic 100 words in the presenter’s addendum for anniversary accelerate if allotment a presentation program. o You may appetite to attending at How to Accomplish a PowerPoint PresentationLinks to an alien site. to get started. Pay absorption to APA appearance and formatting in this “how to” guide. APA guidelines are adapted in presentations and any bookish appointment you create. · Must accommodate a abstracted appellation accelerate with the following: o Appellation of presentation o Students name o Advance name and number o Instructor’s name o Date submitted · Must advance bookish voice. See the Bookish VoiceLinks to an alien site.resource for added guidance. · Must accommodate an addition and cessation statement. Your addition needs to end with a bright account that indicates the purpose of your presentation. o For abetment on autograph Introductions & ConclusionsLinks to an alien site.refer to the Ashford Autograph Center resources. · Must use at atomic three scholarly, peer-reviewed, or aboveboard sources (one of those may be the advance text). o The Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and Alternative Aboveboard SourcesLinks to an alien site. table offers added advice on adapted antecedent types. The Ashford University Library is a abundant abode to acquisition resources. Watch the Ashford University Library Quick 'n' DirtyLinks to an alien site. tutorial for analysis tips. If you accept questions about whether a specific antecedent is adapted for this assignment, amuse acquaintance your instructor. Your adviser has the final say about the account of a specific antecedent for a accurate assignment. · Must certificate any advice acclimated from sources in APA appearance as categorical in the Ashford Autograph Center’s Citing Aural Your Paper.Links to an alien site. · Must accommodate a abstracted advertence accelerate or advertence folio that is formatted according to APA appearance as categorical in the Ashford Autograph Center. See the Formatting Your References ListLinks to an alien site. ability in the Ashford Autograph Center for specifications. · Must use speakers addendum as follows: o Analysis the PowerPoint Apostle NotesLinks to an alien site. video tutorial. (YouTube Accessibility StatementLinks to an alien site. and Privacy PolicyLinks to an alien site.) o Apostle addendum are the typed addendum that arise beneath the accelerate that accompaniment the presentation slides. Whereas the slides will accept abbreviate bulleted items, the apostle addendum will be added detailed. They are about what the presenter would say during the presentation to explain anniversary of the bulleted credibility on the slide. Therefore, it is important that the apostle addendum are abridged and abundant back answer the ammo points. o It is recommended that PowerPoint Slides accommodate no added than bristles ammo credibility and should not accommodate added than seven to 10 words each. Do not blazon paragraphs or continued sentences on the slide. The advice that explains anniversary ammo point is conveyed via apostle addendum or by recording your articulation to anniversary slide. If you are clumsy to admission the technology for this appointment due to a accurate adaptation on book with the Office of Student Admission and Wellness, acquaint your adviser as anon as possible.       Creating Your Presentation: Choose one of the afterward options to actualize your presentation: · Advantage 1: Use the built-in video apparatus in your classroom. o If you accept this option, you will almanac and upload your media in the Week Four Appointment Presentation page. Accept the Week Four Appointment Presentation button beneath to get started.   · Advantage 2: Use Screencast-O-Matic.Links to an alien site.  o Amuse analysis the instructions provided by Screencast-O-Matic Quick-Start GuideLinks to an alien site. in adjustment to get started. This adviser will accustom you with the apparatus and analysis how to upload your video to the classroom. If you accept to use addition video recording apparatus for your submission, amuse chase the adviser instructions to upload an MP4 video book into your classroom application the aforementioned steps. · Advantage 3: Actualize a presentation application the articulation recording functions aural a affairs like PowerPoint. o Analysis the Ashford Autograph Center’s Presentation TipsLinks to an alien site. and Don McMillan: Life afterwards afterlife by PowerPointLinks to an alien site. to abetment you with creating the presentation.         Submitting Your Presentation: Follow these accomplish to abide your presentation and speaker's notes: · Step 1: Abide your abounding presentation as a video (.mp4, .mpg, etc.), PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx) or alternative presentation blazon in the Week Four Appointment Presentation folio application the button below. Week 4 Appointment Presentation · Step 2: Abide your speaker's addendum as a PDF or Word certificate to Waypoint application the Waypoint Appointment acquiescence button at the basal of this page.

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