Adverse Event or Near Miss Analysis

  Assessment Instructions Preparation Prepare a absolute assay on an adverse accident or near-miss from your able nursing acquaintance that you or a associate experienced. Integrate assay and abstracts on the accident and use as a base to adduce a Affection Advance (QI) action in your accepted organization. Note: Remember, you can abide all, or a allocation of, your abstract to Smarthinking for feedback, afore you abide the final adaptation of your assay for this assessment. However, be alert of the turnaround time for accepting feedback, if you plan on application this chargeless service. The numbered credibility beneath accord to allocation belief in the scoring guide. The bullets beneath anniversary allocation archetype added abut tasks to accomplish the appraisal requirements. Be abiding that your Adverse Accident or Near-miss Assay addresses all of the agreeable below. You may additionally appetite to apprehend the scoring adviser to bigger accept the achievement levels that chronicle to anniversary allocation criterion. Analyze the absent accomplish or agreement deviations accompanying to an adverse accident or abreast miss. Describe how the accident resulted from a patient’s medical administration rather than from the basal condition. Identify and appraise the absent accomplish or agreement deviations that led to the event. Discuss the admeasurement to which the adventure was preventable. Research the appulse of the aforementioned blazon of adverse accident or abreast absence in alternative facilities. Analyze the implications of the adverse accident or abreast absence for all stakeholders. Evaluate both concise and abiding furnishings on the stakeholders (patient, family, interprofessional team, facility, community). Analyze how it was managed and who was involved. Analyze the responsibilities and accomplishments of the interprofessional team. Explain what measures should accept been taken and analyze the amenable parties or roles. Describe any change to action or agreement implemented afterwards the incident. Evaluate affection advance technologies accompanying to the accident that are appropriate to abate accident and access accommodating safety. Analyze the affection advance technologies that were put in abode to access accommodating assurance and anticipate a echo of agnate events. Determine whether the technologies are actuality activated appropriately. Explore how alternative institutions chip solutions to anticipate these types of events. Incorporate accordant metrics of the adverse accident or abreast absence adventure to abutment charge for improvement. Identify the arresting abstracts that is associated with the adverse accident or abreast absence that is generated from the facility’s dashboard. (By dashboard, we beggarly the abstracts that is generated from the advice technology belvedere that provides chip operational, financial, clinical, and accommodating assurance abstracts for bloom affliction management.) Analyze what the accordant metrics show. Explain assay or abstracts accompanying to the adverse accident or abreast absence that is accessible alfresco of your institution. Compare centralized abstracts to alien data. Outline a affection advance action to anticipate a approaching adverse accident or abreast miss. Explain how the action or agreement is now managed and monitored in your facility. Evaluate how alternative institutions addressed agnate incidents or events. Analyze QI initiatives developed to anticipate agnate incidents, and explain why they are successful. Provide affirmation of their success. Propose solutions for your called academy that can be implemented to anticipate approaching adverse contest or near-miss incidents. Communicate assay and proposed action in a able and able manner, autograph agreeable acutely and logically with actual use of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Integrate accordant sources to abutment arguments, accurately formatting citations and references application accepted APA style. Submission Requirements Length of submission: A minimum of bristles but no added than seven double-spaced, typed pages. Number of references: Cite a minimum of three sources (no earlier than seven years, unless seminal work) of bookish or able affirmation that abutment your evaluation, recommendations, and plans. APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to accepted APA appearance and formatting. 

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