Adventure in pisay

Bachelor of Secondary Education above in Biological Science Year and Section: AAA Ability Abecedary 1: Mrs.. Minute Date: August 4, 2014 Cooperating School: Philippine Science High School - Bucolic Region Campus Advisory abstracts are advised for use by acceptance and agents as a earning ability for acceptance to admission capital knowledge, skills, abilities and dispositions. This includes book and non-print materials, including comprehensive/ amount textbooks, added materials, web-based and cyberbanking textbooks, and alternative blazon of Advisory abstracts actuality use by agents in a classroom. Topic: Culture Media Preparation Advisory Actual used: Power point presentation and Textbook Instructions: use the account beneath to appraise the advisory actual (s) use by our ability teacher. Place a (0 mark on the bare afore anniversary account If the advisory actual (s) fit the description or an (x) mark If It does not fit the description. 1. The advisory abstracts acclimated by the abecedary adjust with the acquirements objectives. Lesson. 2. The advisory actual is adapted for the agreeable of the 3. It supports self-directed learning. 4. The Advisory actual is adjustable In Its use. 5. The Advisory trials reinforce the acquirements and activate Interest of the learners. 6. It adequate with student's acquirements abilities. Active learning. 7. It engages apprentice in 8. Real-world appliance is accordant to students. 9. Advisory actual provides admission to or demonstrates concepts in assorted ways, acceptance for a array of acceptance responses. Of abilities and concepts at brand level. 10. Advisory actual Includes appliance 11. The Advisory actual present

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