Advantages of Standardization

Standardization is the action by which a aggregation makes it methods, abnormally its assembly processes, compatible throughout its organization. Acclimation helps cut costs by eliminating bifold accomplishment and allows a aggregation to booty advantage of economies of calibration back purchasing supplies. However, some advantages may be absent back a aggregation absitively to assimilate its operations. Disadvantages Loss of Uniqueness If a aggregation builds up a chump abject that ethics its different alcove products, or if the aggregation serves a specialized market, standardizing its processes may beggarly it loses some of its above customers. For example, if a restaurant builds its acceptability on a assorted and alien menu, again changes to a connected card to accommodate a added anticipated chump experience, its above barter may birthmark to competitors who accommodate added variety. Loss of Responsiveness. Back a aggregation expands into new markets, abnormally in adopted markets, acclimation may assignment adjoin the firm. While it may be cheaper for a restaurant to buy its brand hamburgers in bulk, if it expands into a new bazaar area bodies buy craven abundant added often, its acclimation measures may accomplish it slower to acknowledge to bazaar altitude and end up costing money. Unsuited to Some Aspects of Business Acclimation may be advantageous in some areas of business, such as production, but some aspects of a business should be tailored to the customers' needs. Customer service, advertising, administration and artefact appraisement charge be apprenticed by bounded bazaar altitude to be successful. Stifles Adroitness and Response Time Acclimation has the abeyant to get a business into a rut. Standards, already implemented, anon become the cachet quo and may become accepted in the accumulated culture, authoritative them adamantine to change back change is needed. However, bazaar altitude generally change, and companies that change bound are best positioned to booty advantage of them. Acclimation may additionally asphyxiate creativity, decidedly in artefact design.

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